MacArthur Park Run September 22

This was the first official day of the Little Rock Marathon Training, we met at the Arts Center at 6am for a 6 mile run. One of my best friends Annette came with me and I always have much better runs when she’s with me. I hate it when either Annette or Kim is not there! Anyway, the route took us through part of the marathon course, the Governor’s Mansion and Central High School and the River Market. From the time we started running until about mile 4 my stomach was telling me “you better find a bathroom”, this is not an uncommon occurrence with my gut, I tried to ignore it, but when we got to the River Market at mile 5, thank God, I knew where the bathroom was, quick potty break and mile 6 was our best mile! We ended up with a 10:17 pace, which is incredible for me considering I did 6 miles by myself last Saturday at 10:56 pace! Thank goodness for my Garmin, how did I live without that precious piece of equipment?


One Response

  1. It was a GREAT run!!!! I really, really enjoyed it… even the crazy 1/2 naked lady in the restroom at the River Market. Hmmm ok well maybe I didn’t enjoy her.. LOL
    I really liked running by the Governor’s Mansion and Central High School. Even though I didn’t know which one was which at first

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