Monday are you kidding me?

Can you believe it’s Monday morning already? I woke up about an hour before my alarm went off with my bladder about to explode, so no matter which way I turned I could not avoid getting up, once I’m up it’s difficult for me to go back to sleep. I started thinking about my flight to Seattle tomorrow, I’m flying from LR to Dallas and then to Seattle on American, it was a short notice flight (less than 7 days) so my seat from Dallas to Seattle is of course, guess, just try and guess, yes of course, smack dab in the middle seat between I forgot my deodorant for the past week and I just got kicked off the Biggest Loser, I know this for a fact because it is a 4 hour and 15 minute flight. I have checked to see if seats have come open on the American site every 10 minutes or so, but no, it seems to be a full flight, I thought okay, I’ll use my upgrades, and guess what, they are not available for this flight, not sure why, I think it is the type of fare, but not certain. So, more to come on this dilemma.

Update – I was able to get a window seat!!! Yea for me.


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