Will I get a run in today or not?

The rain has started and I’m not sure if I will get my run in today or not, I need to run 3 miles today for sure since I’ll be in transit to Seattle most of the day tomorrow and I’ll be pooped tomorrow evening. Annette and I planned on meeting at 6pm at the Community Center for the boring loop we made up last time we ran there, it’s our halfway point when we can’t decide where else to run. We normally run early mornings, but we were sick of getting up early, but I guess with the rain we should have gone ahead, hell I was up anyway. It may clear off yet, I will feel like dog crap if I can’t run until Wednesday and then I will have a lot of catch up to do, I hate that. Not that I can’t run, but that I have to catch up, since I’ve started the LR marathon training schedule, I MUST DO WHAT THEY TELL ME, can’t miss any miles. Obsessive.


One Response

  1. Obsessive… YOU???? LOL

    Please think about running at the River Trail on Sunday instead of with the group on Saturday. Please Please Please… 😉

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