Tuesday Run

Well, we did get to run on Tuesday, I met Annette at 6pm at the community center and we started a new loop, we just kept running and made a loop which Thank God came back to the community center about 2.5 miles into our run, I was about to poop my britches, I don’t know why this always happens, my insides are rebelling against me once again. Once I finished my business we completed our 3 miles. I think Annette got an extra half mile in while I was inside. I think our average pace was around 10:40, it was so humid the sweat was dripping off my elbows, but the temperature was only about 78 degrees.

One Response

  1. Well we actually ran on Monday… but you know me and details..LOL
    Although it was really muggy it was a good run for me. I hope your shin is feeling better??????
    I really think you need to think about getting new shoes.

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