I really did it this time Thursday

Since Thursday was to be my last night in Seattle I decided to do my run outside, it was about 65 degrees, a little windy and cloudy, but the temperature was great. I asked the concierge at the hotel for a good route as I wanted to run 3 miles or so, he suggested I go up 188th to Military make a left and then go to 176th make another left then up to International make yet another left back to the hotel, about 4 miles. I guess he suggests this same route to all the runners who ask and I wonder if anyone points out the first half mile is straight uphill, anyway, not the point of the story. The first mile is good, after I get up that monster hill, and thank goodness there is a gas station right at my turn off on Military, my stomach again, turn on military, and oh boy another big hill, up the hill I go and at the top there is a pretty fantastic view, okay push on. Oh no, look a bridge, no sidewalk, horrible traffic, it’s about 6:15pm, I’m zig zagging across the bridge, then there is all this construction on the sidewalk, there’s like a few feet of concrete then ruts, concrete, ruts, I can’t run on the street because of the traffic so I’m stuck to the construction zone, this is not good, I’m trying to watch the ruts, gravel, sidewalk, traffic, I see a little break at a school entrance and when I come down off the curb I roll my ankle, it pops so loud I can hear it over the traffic. Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! I hobble over to a retaining wall where I can immediately see it start to swell, at least I’m not about to pass out, I almost passed out the last time this happened. As luck would have it, I brought my cell phone with me, this is the first time I have ever brought my cell phone with me on a run. I wore some shorts that had a zipper in the back and my phone just fit so I thought “Hmmm, strange surroundings, what if I was kidnapped, no one would know I had this phone hidden in this handy pocket on the back of my shorts”, funny the things that go through your mind. Okay, side tracked for a moment.

So, I called the hotel, and finally got through to someone who actually understood what I was saying and told them my situation, they wanted to send Medics, but I just begged them to please come get me, I was 1.5 miles from the hotel (according to my handy dandy Garmin) by this time my ankle had grown a golf ball, the wind had picked up, I was freezing and almost in tears, the pain wasn’t bad, I was just upset, I knew my training was going to be on hold for at least a week, and I wasn’t sure that it was just a sprain. I know that doesn’t sound like very long, but just like right now I’m supposed to be out on my 7 mile run, actually I would probably be through with my run, sitting at Starbucks having a Grande Lite Mocha Frappuccino.

The Doubletree bus, and I mean bus, arrived what seemed like 30 minutes later, but it was probably half that, the manager of the hotel was on the bus and we were on our way back to the hotel, he kept asking if I needed medical attention, they stopped by the front desk and picked up the Security guard who had a big ice pack, and then they drove me to my room. You may be asking yourself why they would drive me to my room, this Doubletree is the largest one in the world, 850 rooms, can you believe that, I had no idea, I do know it took me almost 4 minutes to walk from my room to the lobby. Anyway, they walked me to my room, got me some extra bottled water and made sure I was set for the night. I cranked up the heat, propped my foot up with the ice pack, took some ibuprofen and ordered room service, which made me sick to my stomach. It was a Thursday I would like to forget.

Today is Saturday and I would like to forget Friday too, my 4 hour flight from Seattle to Dallas was miserable, it was a full flight, I had an aisle seat, but it was very hard trying to keep my ankle propped up. I bought a couple of ice packs from the drugstore to try and keep the swelling down, I had to strap them on my ankle with self sticking ace bandage type tape. That worked pretty good, but it was just not a good situation. I’m glad I’m home, the ankle is not near as swollen this morning as it was last night, I can’t see my ankle bone (technical term), but I’m walking around without much of a limp at all. I may go to Jazzercise this morning for Body Sculpting since I can’t do any running 😦 poor pitiful me.


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  1. Ok.. now I know this isn’t supposed to be funny, but you have such a way with words I couldnt’ help but chuckle a few times while I waas reading this.

    When I was running this morning I kept thinking I should be in LR with Cheryl!

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