Tuesday Clinic

I always dread going to my Tuesday night running clinic, but I’m always glad I went and last night was no exception.  Dennis our Coach extraordinaire had to leave for a meeting which was disappointing, but it was still a good clinic.  We ran 1 – 800, 1 – 1000, 1 – 800 and then 4 strides, along with our warm-up and cool-down runs.  We were supposed to run at our Lactate Threshold pace which for me is about 10:44, but we ran at about 10:00, my speedy little buddy Annette keep going faster and faster!  My average pace for the 3.43 miles was 9:56, which is super fast for me, I was VERY happy with the entire night.  I did have some ankle pain, really weird, it was a sharp pain below my ankle bone, it would go away and then come back.  I hope it doesn’t continue.

Today is the last day for early bird registration of the Little Rock Marathon, I have been putting it off every day, I’m a little nervous about actually signing up to do it, I don’t know if I can do it.  After last years disaster with the half marathon, I just don’t know.  I will sign up today for the full marathon and if I have to drop to the half I will.  It’s just a huge commitment, 26.2 miles of running, 5 or 6 hours, on your FEET, RUNNING, ON YOUR FEET, HOURS and HOURS……. OH CRAP


Back in the saddle again!

Woohoo!!  I’m finally back to running again, the sprained ankle is tons better and I’m back to training.  I ran on the dreadmill Thursday in Dallas for 2 miles, no problems at all, it felt pretty good, took Friday off to recover since I haven’t run in 4 weeks. 

On Saturday, I met Kim and Annette at Lakewaood for a 3 mile run, that went pretty good too, except we went out WAY TOO fast and I started getting winded after 2 miles, so I actually only did 2.9 miles, close enough.  Annette, my bud, ran 12 or 13 miles with Susan in Benton then came and ran with me!!  How cool is she?  A great friend indeed even though we didn’t get to “run” together the whole time. 

Sunday I ran 4 miles with another friend LeAnn, we ran the Little Rock Half marathon together last year (what a disaster for me), and she is training for the half again this year.  It was so good to run with her again, we used to run together all the time and with my traveling and her mean husband it just hasn’t happened much lately. 

I’m taking today off to recover and then plan on running Tuesday at the clinic, Wednesday and Thursday.  I’m trying to come up with a schedule to get me up to 11 miles before I head to the St. Judes Marathon December 1.  I think if I can run 11 miles by then surely I can run 13.  

Thursday pace 10:45

Saturday pace 10:25

Sunday pace 11:10 


I worked out this morning at the hotel and tried a different machine, an elliptical CrossRamp, okay, it’s an elliptical on an incline, looks like a stair stepper and it had a TV screen built in and that’s really why I wanted to use it, to distract myself from the monotony and all the ugly guys and the one lesbian. Anyway, I turned on the USA network and Coach was on, I LOVED that show and forgot how funny it was. I was snickering to keep from laughing out loud, I don’t know when the show was on, but loved it then and it’s still good for a chuckle at 6 in the morning. I’m going back to the crossramp tomorrow same time just so I can watch Coach.

The machine I worked out on really gave me a workout too! My butt is sore and so are my arms, even though I only used the arm things when commercials came on. I attached a picture in case you’re curious. crossramp.jpg

Rainy Days and Monday

What a crappy day, it started raining early this morning and didn’t let up. I don’t mind the rain when I can stay home, but today was a travel day and that really sucks. I also had to meet my daughter at the Women’s Clinic for a follow up to a bad pap, that was no fun either, we were there 3 hours, it was miserable, we should get the results in 4 weeks.

I usually park and the Peanut lot at the airport, not sure why it’s called the Peanut lot, I just know it’s the cheapest at 6.00 a day, well today with the rain I said screw it! I’m not lugging my suitcase, computer bag and myself in the rain for anybody! So, I made an executive decision to park in the deck, woohoo!! I think it’s about 10.00 a day and I don’t give a F***. Got parked and in the terminal dry as a bone, ran into one of White Bread’s buddies while I was checking in, got to my gate and it was just about time to board. I was flying Southwest today and I can’t wait till they start with their new seating arrangements. I hate standing in the A B or C lines waiting like cattle to load up. Smooth flight to Dallas, the only interesting thing that happened was the roach I saw crawling on the arm rest in front of me, eww gross, I killed it with my book. Where the hell did that come from, some skanky person must have brought their pets 🙂

Went to REI tonight, WOW, good thing I look at price tags or I’d be in trouble with a capital T. Got a couple of things, bike shorts, jacket, socks and a hat. It’s room service, pj’s and a remote control for me tonight. I plan on getting up and working out in the morning, another bout with the elliptical machine.

Still not running

It’s been one week since I ran at all and 11 days since I sprained my ankle, I’m afraid I just won’t want to run at all when it’s time for me to start running again on October 24th. Once I start something I stick to it, but I’m not good at this stopping and starting thing, like Jazzercise, started Jazzercise about 2 years ago and still going 3-5 days a week, running too. But, don’t know if I can start it back up after not doing it for 3-4 weeks. I’m thinking maybe I can do the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K on October 20th, that might get my competitive side back into it again!

Glenn (white bread) and I went bike riding yesterday at the River Trail, it was really nice outside, but I am not a good bike rider, it really hurts my neck and my girl parts. The bike I ride apparently is super special according to White Bread, all the bells and whistles, whatever that means. All I know is by the time we hit 8 miles I was ready to turn around, my parts were really hurting, I’m sure it didn’t help I was wearing his bike shorts, or maybe it did, I’m still a little sore this morning. We ended up riding 14 miles. Nothing compared to my girls in Chicago who did the 26.2 miles on their FEET! To change the subject I tried to call Annette this morning to see how everyone was feeling after the marathon and haven’t been able to get in touch with her. They are flying back to Little Rock today and I’ll see her and Kim tonight at Jazzercise.

Off to Seattle again tomorrow morning, I’m sure it will another exciting trip. At least I already have my window seat and can possibly take a nap or two on the 4 hour flight from Dallas. I’ll be staying at a different Doubletree this time, not that it matters, I can’t run, maybe they have an elliptical machine that can torture me, I just need to keep my cardio up if I ever plan on getting back to my training plan for the Little Rock Marathon. I think we are going to Pike’s Market or whatever it’s called in Seattle, been there once, it was pretty nice, I would rather find an outlet mall 🙂

Chicago and my girls

My good friends Annette, Kim and Brenda all finished the Chicago Marathon today. I talked to Annette not long after she finished, she was excited to have finished, but it sounded like it was a mess in Chicago. She said they had to walk around 8 miles, officials were making them walk due to the heat, if they saw them running they would make them stop and walk and also encouraged them to get on one of the buses to quit. I’m so glad they didn’t quit! She also reported they turned on some of the fire hydrants to cool down people, but that got her feet wet and if you’re a runner you know what happens next, blisters. She said the bottom of her feet were like hamburger meat. I can just imagine how miserable she was, but tough to stick it out. I know Brenda finished in about 5 hours, Kim and Annette around 6 1/2 hours. More to come when I talk to Annette later on tonight, she was so excited to have just finished, I could hear the giddiness in her voice.

Swimming Lesson

Since I can’t run and that’s really bumming me out and my friend Annette is always looking out for me, she suggested we take swimming lessons. Yes, I know, I should already know how to swim, but I don’t, I have to hold my nose closed so that takes away from my swimming abilities. Anyway, there is a group in Cabot where Annette lives who decided to all take swimming lessons and they got this great deal at the community center, so I’m in.

Last night after Jazzercise, Kim and I changed clothes and headed over, I was reluctant to start last night since I will be out of town for the next two weeks, Seattle then Dallas, and I still had my makeup on and didn’t want black crap running down my face either. But, needless to say I was talked into dunking my head underwater, oh almost forgot about the swim cap or rubber head thing, got one of those too, very cute. Which for some unknown reason didn’t work cause my ponytail was dripping wet when I took it off, is there a secret to putting those rubbers on? If you are going to wear one it should do it’s duty!

Kim and I were put with an instructor all by ourselves because apparently we were the ONLY two out of about 12 of us who didn’t know how to dunk our heads under the water without the nose holding. It only took us 10 minutes to master that skill, YEA for us! And then it was off to gliding, without pinching our noses again! I felt like a 5 year old, the instructor was great, she would hold us up in places I wouldn’t touch and was very patient, not sure of her name, something like Oxer, she was of Asian decent, we really had to concentrate on what she was saying, but I really did like her. By the end of the hour we could glide and kick with our heads face down in the water. Did I mention I felt like a kid? By the time I got home I was all tuckered out, slept like a baby.

I remember my mom taking me to the Y when I was around 10 years old or so and it was traumatic, nothing like what we did last night. The thing that sticks in my memory from that horrible swimming experience is standing on the edge of the pool at the deep end and the instructor telling me to jump in, I was scared to death, I couldn’t breathe, I was shaking, I wanted my Mama! I did jump in, hated it, begged to never go back and didn’t.