Glued to the tube

Hate to admit it, but I was glued to the tube last night, yes, Desperate Housewives and then Brothers & Sisters, I wish I hated both those shows, Hell, I wish I hated TV.  But, I couldn’t help myself, I was literally glued to the TV, White Bread kept trying to talk to me and I tuned him completely out, I didn’t hear one word he said.  He was doing stupid man things, like farting and making other disgusting noises just to irritate me, didn’t work, DVR remote was in my hand just in case I missed a single word or if I glanced away to make sure White Bread wasn’t strangling one of the cats.

Did you catch those shows, LOVE THEM, I know, mindless BS, but LOVE THEM, if I had to give one of the shows up, I would give up Desperate Housewives, I could actually miss that show and not cry.  Brothers & Sisters, I might cry if I missed it, actually I cry when I watch it, it’s a great show and if you haven’t caught it yet, you should.

Okay, I’m working from home today, just because I can and it rained this morning, but I’m going to try and get an appointment with a foot doctor to take a look at my ankle.  I’m ready to run, I need to get back on track, my ass is growing by the hour.


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  1. Cute pictures!!!

    I am so mad at myself… I thought I already had Brothers & Sisters set up on my DVR so at 8:00 I watched Cold Case while recording Desperate Housewives, at 9:00 I watched Desperate Housewives thinking that I was recording Brother’s & Sisters and could watch that later. But no I didn’t record it, so I saw the first few minutes and that is it.
    I agree with you if I had to give up one it would be Desperate Housewives, although it looks like it might be an interesting season!

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