My ankle hurts

Tuesday night is my running clinic night – I probably shouldn’t have gone since I sprained my ankle, but it’s been feeling pretty good, no pain at all, just still a little swollen and I wanted to see Annette and Brenda, they are leaving for the Chicago Marathon on Friday.  I did a light run with Annette, 11:00 minute mile pace for only 1.4 miles, not much at all, iced it when I got home, but this morning it really is bothering me.  I had to wrap it with an ace bandage early this morning just to make it stop throbbing.  And now there is this pain behind my knee too, maybe from the way I was running on the sprained ankle, I don’t know.  Anyway, I have an appointment with the Foot/Ankle specialist at 12:15 today, hopefully I didn’t damage anything and I can run another day, actually I brought my running clothes to work with me today, just in case 🙂

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  1. Oh no Cheryl… I’m sorry it’s hurting! I feel guilty because I encouraged you to come to the clinic. I hope the doctor has good news for you.

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