No good news

I just got back from the Ankle/Foot Specialist and I did not get the news I was hoping for. Dr. informed me that it takes 6-12 weeks for most sprained ankles to heal completely, and that I should not run for 4 weeks, 4 WEEKS, I talked him into 3 weeks though. He said I could ride a bike, swim, elliptical machine or walk, but NO RUNNING! I’m very down in the dumps now, this throws everything in the pooper. My training is blown to smithereens, I can’t run the race in Carlisle on the 13th or the Race for the Cure on the 20th and what about the 1/2 marathon in Memphis, this sucks, really, really sucks!! I have to get a plan together to keep my cardio up, I can’t start from scratch in 3 weeks, which is what it will seem like. I was doing great up until the ankle sprain! I was starting to breathe better and do longer runs too, now it will be just like starting from scratch.

The Dr. said that people who sprain their ankles tend to have loose ligaments and that’s why they sprain their ankles over again and again. He said I can wear an ankle brace to help stabilize my ankle and to stay off trails, I don’t like trails anyway. He also said that if I do run before the ligaments heal correctly that scar tissue will form and it will cause me more problems, not running for the 3 weeks will let the ligaments heal with the correct tissue or something like that. There is a surgery they can do to strengthen the ligament if it gets really bad, but the recovery time is 6 to 9 MONTHS, no thank you!

Words of Wisdom?


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  1. I have been so bummed ever since I heard the news 😦 At the moment I am too cranky to think of any words of wisdom, but maybe some will come to me later.
    Oh I know… Arland said to tell you that bike riding can really help with the cardio and strength.

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