Chicago and my girls

My good friends Annette, Kim and Brenda all finished the Chicago Marathon today. I talked to Annette not long after she finished, she was excited to have finished, but it sounded like it was a mess in Chicago. She said they had to walk around 8 miles, officials were making them walk due to the heat, if they saw them running they would make them stop and walk and also encouraged them to get on one of the buses to quit. I’m so glad they didn’t quit! She also reported they turned on some of the fire hydrants to cool down people, but that got her feet wet and if you’re a runner you know what happens next, blisters. She said the bottom of her feet were like hamburger meat. I can just imagine how miserable she was, but tough to stick it out. I know Brenda finished in about 5 hours, Kim and Annette around 6 1/2 hours. More to come when I talk to Annette later on tonight, she was so excited to have just finished, I could hear the giddiness in her voice.


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