Still not running

It’s been one week since I ran at all and 11 days since I sprained my ankle, I’m afraid I just won’t want to run at all when it’s time for me to start running again on October 24th. Once I start something I stick to it, but I’m not good at this stopping and starting thing, like Jazzercise, started Jazzercise about 2 years ago and still going 3-5 days a week, running too. But, don’t know if I can start it back up after not doing it for 3-4 weeks. I’m thinking maybe I can do the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure 5K on October 20th, that might get my competitive side back into it again!

Glenn (white bread) and I went bike riding yesterday at the River Trail, it was really nice outside, but I am not a good bike rider, it really hurts my neck and my girl parts. The bike I ride apparently is super special according to White Bread, all the bells and whistles, whatever that means. All I know is by the time we hit 8 miles I was ready to turn around, my parts were really hurting, I’m sure it didn’t help I was wearing his bike shorts, or maybe it did, I’m still a little sore this morning. We ended up riding 14 miles. Nothing compared to my girls in Chicago who did the 26.2 miles on their FEET! To change the subject I tried to call Annette this morning to see how everyone was feeling after the marathon and haven’t been able to get in touch with her. They are flying back to Little Rock today and I’ll see her and Kim tonight at Jazzercise.

Off to Seattle again tomorrow morning, I’m sure it will another exciting trip. At least I already have my window seat and can possibly take a nap or two on the 4 hour flight from Dallas. I’ll be staying at a different Doubletree this time, not that it matters, I can’t run, maybe they have an elliptical machine that can torture me, I just need to keep my cardio up if I ever plan on getting back to my training plan for the Little Rock Marathon. I think we are going to Pike’s Market or whatever it’s called in Seattle, been there once, it was pretty nice, I would rather find an outlet mall 🙂


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  1. Oh Yes… You will get back out there running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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