Rainy Days and Monday

What a crappy day, it started raining early this morning and didn’t let up. I don’t mind the rain when I can stay home, but today was a travel day and that really sucks. I also had to meet my daughter at the Women’s Clinic for a follow up to a bad pap, that was no fun either, we were there 3 hours, it was miserable, we should get the results in 4 weeks.

I usually park and the Peanut lot at the airport, not sure why it’s called the Peanut lot, I just know it’s the cheapest at 6.00 a day, well today with the rain I said screw it! I’m not lugging my suitcase, computer bag and myself in the rain for anybody! So, I made an executive decision to park in the deck, woohoo!! I think it’s about 10.00 a day and I don’t give a F***. Got parked and in the terminal dry as a bone, ran into one of White Bread’s buddies while I was checking in, got to my gate and it was just about time to board. I was flying Southwest today and I can’t wait till they start with their new seating arrangements. I hate standing in the A B or C lines waiting like cattle to load up. Smooth flight to Dallas, the only interesting thing that happened was the roach I saw crawling on the arm rest in front of me, eww gross, I killed it with my book. Where the hell did that come from, some skanky person must have brought their pets 🙂

Went to REI tonight, WOW, good thing I look at price tags or I’d be in trouble with a capital T. Got a couple of things, bike shorts, jacket, socks and a hat. It’s room service, pj’s and a remote control for me tonight. I plan on getting up and working out in the morning, another bout with the elliptical machine.

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  1. Hey girl… I’ll be keeping Steph in my thoughts and prayers!! 4 weeks is a long time to have to wait 😦

    Good for you for parking in the parking garage!!! You shouldn’t feel a bit bad about it! It just kept raining yesterday, everytime I thought it was going to end it would start pouring again. Glad you made it to the big “D” safely!!

    Room Service, P.J’s and the remote sounds pretty good to me!!
    I hope you had a good evening!! Did you watch Dancing with the Star’s???? Helio the Brazillian race car driver is my favorite.. and no not just because he is Brazilian 🙂

    Have a great day!!!

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