I worked out this morning at the hotel and tried a different machine, an elliptical CrossRamp, okay, it’s an elliptical on an incline, looks like a stair stepper and it had a TV screen built in and that’s really why I wanted to use it, to distract myself from the monotony and all the ugly guys and the one lesbian. Anyway, I turned on the USA network and Coach was on, I LOVED that show and forgot how funny it was. I was snickering to keep from laughing out loud, I don’t know when the show was on, but loved it then and it’s still good for a chuckle at 6 in the morning. I’m going back to the crossramp tomorrow same time just so I can watch Coach.

The machine I worked out on really gave me a workout too! My butt is sore and so are my arms, even though I only used the arm things when commercials came on. I attached a picture in case you’re curious. crossramp.jpg


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