Back in the saddle again!

Woohoo!!  I’m finally back to running again, the sprained ankle is tons better and I’m back to training.  I ran on the dreadmill Thursday in Dallas for 2 miles, no problems at all, it felt pretty good, took Friday off to recover since I haven’t run in 4 weeks. 

On Saturday, I met Kim and Annette at Lakewaood for a 3 mile run, that went pretty good too, except we went out WAY TOO fast and I started getting winded after 2 miles, so I actually only did 2.9 miles, close enough.  Annette, my bud, ran 12 or 13 miles with Susan in Benton then came and ran with me!!  How cool is she?  A great friend indeed even though we didn’t get to “run” together the whole time. 

Sunday I ran 4 miles with another friend LeAnn, we ran the Little Rock Half marathon together last year (what a disaster for me), and she is training for the half again this year.  It was so good to run with her again, we used to run together all the time and with my traveling and her mean husband it just hasn’t happened much lately. 

I’m taking today off to recover and then plan on running Tuesday at the clinic, Wednesday and Thursday.  I’m trying to come up with a schedule to get me up to 11 miles before I head to the St. Judes Marathon December 1.  I think if I can run 11 miles by then surely I can run 13.  

Thursday pace 10:45

Saturday pace 10:25

Sunday pace 11:10 


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  1. I am so glad you are back!!!!

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