It’s been a few days since I’ve posted anything so here goes –

Halloween was our last night for Jazzercise, a very sad evening indeed, my instructor Kim has decided to quit doing classes because of some issues with her feet and she is going back to school. I’m very sad, I will miss all of my classmates and it’s a part of my exercise routine. Kim and I run together and she has recently had some stress fractures in her toes – OUCH!! Anyway, her class will be missed!

Thursday – Busy day, this was another bittersweet day, my old company InteliStaf was bought out by Medical Staffing Network (MSN) in July, so our office was officially closed today. I had the task of scraping the name off the front door with a razor blade, each letter I scraped off made me more sad, thinking about the 60 people that lost their jobs here in Little Rock, thinking about how my work life has existed over the past 6 1/2 years at InteliStaf and how I can’t go back to the way it used to be. Wishing I could change it and not really knowing what I want to do since I do have a job with MSN, but not sure what my role is with this new company. Anyway, boring crap… Other than I get to work from home now!! Yea for me.

Rest of Thursday, the good stuff, or better stuff – I met Annette at the Jacksonville Community Center at 5:20pm so we could do our run before swimming lessons. We wanted to do a 4 mile run tonight, luck for us Brenda was going to be there too. Brenda knows all the good places to run and as soon as she arrived we took off and headed for the park, apparently Annette and I must be blind, we have run right by that same park, but instead of running in the park Annette and I preferred “da hood”, if you know what I mean. The park has a lake, football fields, ball fields, bathrooms with actual flushing toliets and TP, and a paved trail, very nice. We ended up doing 4.35 miles for the night at a 10:24 pace average, speedy again!

After our run we went inside the community center to change for our swimming lessons, of course I’m a beginner, never learned how to swim. I always had to hold my nose and just kick. Can’t tread water or any of that fancy stuff. This is my second lesson, I’m very excited to learn how to swim. I want to learn just to know how, not sure if I’m going to do anything with it, such as triathalons unlike some of the other people I go with.

Had a great lesson, learned lots more techniques, also learned I can’t swim in a straight line. I need to get some goggles, I would be kicking away, pop up and I would be over in the kids area, how the hell did I get over here? Anyway, it was a lot of fun and I was wore out! I like swimming, it doesn’t hurt any of my old joints.

More later, tired of typing.


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