Weekend getaway

Annette and I took an impromptu trip up to the Springfield/Branson, Mo area on Friday. I have a girlfriend who lives in Rogersville, MO just outside of Springfield who I haven’t seen in about 4 years. I’ve known her since I was 14 years old and I miss her a lot. Since we always run on the weekends Annette found a race for us to run on Saturday morning, it was at the Bass Pro in Springfield, they were having a Fitness Weekend with a 10K/5K on Saturday and a marathon on Sunday, we opted for the 10K.

After a little shopping on Friday and registering late Friday afternoon, walked around the expo, ate dinner with my friend Diane at Hemingway’s, which is located inside Bass Pro, that place is HUGE!. It was really nice just to sit and talk girl talk.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, Annette and I arrived at Bass Pro around 7:20, it was about 39 degrees and the flags were waving on the flag poles, so there was a bit of a wind. Thank goodness we got some really great headbands at Reebok to cover our ears, they are fantastic! Anyway, my stomach is not acting right and Annette is having the same sort of problem, we decide to do a little warm up run to get things moving, if you know what I mean. It only takes me about a minute before I head off to the bathroom. Once inside Bass Pro, there are lots more people, you can feel the anticipation in the air. What was wierd to me was seeing everyone with their free race shirts on, I always thought it was taboo to wear the shirt that was the race day shirt, maybe not cause 80% of the folks have them on. When I see all these people I’m thinking, just get through it, in an hour you’ll be almost done. Annette and I go to the bathroom two more times, gotta make sure to get EVERYTHING out. There are no pit stops in this race.

Neither one of us ate anything before the race, we only drank a few sips of water. Oh, we did get down a couple of the new Luna Moons, not too bad, I’ll have to find some more of those. At 8:00am the gun goes off and we are racing, well we weren’t racing, just running, we did notice everyone was passing us, we only weaved our way around a few people. Not too far down Campbell there was a big sign for the 5K people to turn off, WOW, there were a lot of 5K runners. That’s when Annette and I realized we were pretty far in the back, I was taking my jacket off a little past mile 1 and glanced over my shoulder, I didn’t see but a couple of people. Yikes, don’t want to be last, but I was feeling like Poop! I had a side stitch in both sides and my heart rate was 170, I wasn’t breathing that hard, it was just hard to run. The first mile was about 10:23 pace, so we were doing an okay pace, why was I so misearable? Probably no water or food… Lesson learned.

Around mile 3, the turn around I told Annette to go on without me, I could tell I was slowing her down, I don’t care if it’s a training run or race, I don’t want to slow anyone down. She finally went ahead, I kept her in my sights until about mile 5.75, then she turned a corner and I never saw her again until the finish.

Was it ever going to end? I kept having the side stitches and the high heart rate, yuck, I hated this race, hated running, why was I running at all, the thoughts that go through your head when you are having a bad run are just horrible. How the hell was I going to run the St. Jude half marathon? Then I would tell myself, you want to do this, it’s good for you, blah blah blah. I hated it. I really thought I was just going to quit running, I don’t need this agony. Once you start getting closer to the end, the volunteers are saying things like – “it’s just around the corner” “you’re almost there” “great job” “you can do it”, I just want to tell them “SHUT UP”, it is NOT just right around the corner, it never is, you go around one corner and there is always just one more corner. My God, I thought it would never end. Am I being a little over dramatic, oh probably a little.

There was this long strip of closed stores about mile 6, and there was no one there, I thought where the HELL is the end of this damn race, and I saw Annette at the top of this incline, and I could hear her saying something like “give it all you’ve got, this is the end”, I had nothing left, I was shuffling as fast as I could, at that point I was at about 10:50 pace, the most I could muster, and still thought, where the hell is the damn finish line? Annette said it’s right up this ramp, Ramp? what the hell, it went inside Bass Pro and BAM, there it was, Thank God! 1:08xx finish time. People are then giving you crap, bottle of water, powerade, towel, I can’t get any air, I need a drink of water, I can’t open the water they gave me, Annette is wanting to take a picture, I think I’m dying!! Just thank goodness it’s over.

Once I sat down, got a cup of some sort of smoothie, yummy, took my headband off, I felt much better, then it was off to eat free biscuits and gravy, homemade I might add. They had a huge spread for the runners, eggs, yogurt, bagels, muffins, coffee, milk, just about anything you could want. It was delicious! I was starving by this point. While we were eating we were interviewed by the local paper, The News Leader, that was cool, she got tons of info from us. We ate and then stood in line for a free massage, I have never had a massage, it felt so good, even though we had to wait about 40 minutes, it was well worth it.

Then we went into the awards ceremony, we always go to the awards, whether we think we will win or not. In this case we knew we weren’t going to be in the winners bracket today. I thought Annette might get 3rd, they had posted some of the results, our names weren’t up there yet, but there weren’t hardly any females in our age group in the 10K. Apparently Dick Beardsley has something to do with Bass Pro, fishing guide or something like that and he was the one giving the winners their awards, woohoo, that was nice. They did all the 5K awards first then the 10K, when they got to our age group, BAM, Annette B from Cabot 1st place, OMG, we were shocked, then BAM Cheryl H from Sherwood, 2nd place, OMG, shock again. We both got gift cards to Bass Pro, Annette 25.00 and 15.00 for me. I also won a door prize, a nice set of wind chimes. We also got to shake Dick Beardsley’s hand, that was cool too. Can you believe it? Annette was at 1:05 and me at 1:08, 1st and 2nd place. Wowzer!!

After spending some time at my friend Diane’s, we headed back to Arkansas around 3pm. I got pulled over by a State Trooper somewhere on Highway 65 going 70 mph in a 55…Yes, I got a ticket. First speeding ticket ever!! Oh well, can’t do a thing about it now. We had a good time nonetheless. Got home around 7:30, pooped.

We talked to Kim on the way back and she had run the Wynne half marathon with a 1:56 time, OMG, congrats to her too!!!


2 Responses

  1. Great post Cheryl!!! I loved it.

    Dick Beardsley — you should read the “Duel In The Sun” book. You’d know all about his fishing affiliation!


  2. Thanks for the book recommendation, I’ll check it out!!

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