Tuesday Clinic – BRRRR

Have I mentioned my hate of cold weather, yes I know it’s not winter yet and it will get much colder.  But, it was a chilly night last night for our Tuesday night Flyers running clinic.  I had long sleeves, long pants, headband, gloves and a jacket and was still cold.

What’s that everyone says about loving the cold “you can always get warmer”, I beg to differ, I was not getting warmer, I was shivering and Annette was shivering too, we were huddled up next to each other and I couldn’t concentrate on what Coach Dennis was telling us.

Annette and I decided to do our 1 mile time trial instead of the regular interval training since neither one of us has done the time trial since May or June.  We did our warm up run then 3 strides before the start.  I always and I mean always start way too fast, I think I should have been a sprinter, and then I fade.  Annette and I stayed together for the most part for the first split at 4:14 and 4:15, she was in front, then my Garmin started beeping at me.  I have it set to warn me when my heart rate reaches 180, I don’t like my heart rate that high, my max heart rate should be around 175, so when it gets to 180 I back it down a bit, I don’t want to die doing a stupid time trial!  I was really pushing myself to keep up with Annette, but when I started hearing my Garmin, nope, not killing myself, even though I don’t think I could have caught her.  Andrea was headed the opposite direction on our last lap and said “when you get to the corner, give it all you’ve got”, oh my, I was going to try, but I was thinking this is pretty much all I’ve got.  I tried to take some deep breaths to get my heart rate down so I could speed up, but at the end I finished with a 8:48.  WOW, that’s huge for me.  I think I did 9:47 in May, a minute faster without collapsing or throwing up.  When we were finished with the time trial, I was done, I did not have a thing left in me, there is no way I could have kept that pace.  I think I’ll stick with somewhere in the 10’s for now.


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  1. You did great last night Cheryl!!!!!

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