Busy Wednesday

My running buddy Annette called at 11am and wanted to know if I would meet her and Brenda at lunch, I WAS going to try and get some work done before my Ortho appointment at 1:15, what the heck, who cares if I kill another 45 minutes in my work day? So I met Annette and Brenda at American Pie Pizza in North Little Rock, of course being the runners we are, we all ordered Salads. It was pretty good, same type of salad they have at most pizza joints, minus the ranch dressing.

I had to scoot out of there by 12:40 to get to my Ankle doctor appointment at Ortho Arkansas, I didn’t have to wait long to see my doc, Dr. Nguyen, he came in and said “do you want me to look at your bunions?”, Bunions? NO, do I have bunions? I wanted you to recheck my ankle and the brace I bought for said ankle.  He acted surprised I had come back for a recheck, but I’m serious about not spraining this ankle again.  He said the brace I bought was no good for support, if I really wanted stability it waould have to be a lace up type brace, BUT it would slow me down.  SLOW ME DOWN, no, we can’t have that, so he suggested I go to Physical Therapy where they can show me how to tape it up instead.  So that’s the plan, I have an appointment today, Thursday, to see the PT guy.

After I left Dr. N, it was off to see Camarie at Glamarama Salon for cut and color, which I desperately need.  I was out of there by 4:10 and then to the house to change clothes so I could meet Brenda and Annette again for a training run.

I met Brenda at Lakewood at 5:15, Annette called and was running a bit late, it was getting colder by the minute, I guess she got there about 5:25, and off we go.  We took a different route than Annette and I usually take, immediately we head uphill onto Lakeview Drive and loop back to where we started, about 2.4 miles, long loop.  I had to stop for a bathroom break, thank goodness the bathrooms were still open.  Then it was off again on the same loop.  I don’t really like doing repeats, but since it was pitch dark outside, you can’t really tell :).  Once we did the loop again, I was done, tired, cold and hungry.  Annette and Brenda were going to do another loop around the lake which is .9 miles.  Too much for me, I went home, with 4.88 miles, average pace of 10:30, that’s probably why I was tired.


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