Teary Thursday

I had a scary Thursday night while running, I met Annette, Kim and Brenda at the Jax Community Center at 5:20 for a run before swimming lessons. We took off toward Dupree Park, when we ran there last week time had not changed yet so we could actually see. Kim and Brenda were in front and Annette and I were the slackers, we stopped at the bathroom for a quick break and decided to slow it down a bit, it was getting dark and the trail goes through the woods where there was NO light at all. We were probably a mile and a quarter into our run when pop, I turned my ankle AGAIN, I immediately started sobbing, uncontrollably, I could not stop crying, it didn’t hurt, I just couldn’t stop the boohooing, it wasn’t just my ankle, it was everything in my life. Poor Annette, she probably thought I was insane, we walked back to the bathrooms, me crying and trying to get the ace bandage off my ankle to see if it had started to swell. I did see the PT guy today, but he wants me to bring someone with me to wrap my ankle, said I can’t do it myself, that sucks, if he would’ve wrapped my stupid ankle it might have prevented this little breakdown.

My ankle didn’t appear to be swelling, which is a good sign, maybe it’s just a slight twist and not a sprain. Kim and Brenda came around the corner and we all walked back to the Community Center, boy that was a LONG walk, the thoughts in my head, I did stop crying at some point. I’m just sick of not knowing what to do about my ankle, I’ve taking the steps I think I should be taking, but here I am with my foot propped up wondering what to do next.

Kim and I just walked round and round the quarter mile track at the community center until it was time for swimming lessons. Once again the water was too cold for me, it needs to be a little warmer for me to enjoy it. I feel like we don’t have a dedicated instructor, the instructor we did have is over with the real beginners and the intermediate instructor is over with the intermediate people (Annette and Brenda). So that leaves Kim and I to fend for ourselves, we just kind of kick back and forth the length of the pool for 45 minutes or so. We did leave a little early, I was ready to go home, take a shower and crawl in bed. I’m not running today (Friday), my ankle is only slightly swollen this morning. Only good thoughts!

I am planning on 8 miles tomorrow, the big question is where, I know the Cabot people are running in Cabor, but they are all pretty fast, I need 8 slow miles or I will never make the St Jude Half Marathon.


2 Responses

  1. Not everyone in Cabot is running fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh Cheryl – I am sooooooo sorry.

    I tell you what – you should come to the River Trail tomorrow. You see, my friend Kathryn is training to run 50 miles on her 50th birthday in December. 50 dang miles! WHOA! Tomorrow she is doing 30. I need to do 15, so I am meeting her for the 2nd half of her run on the LR side. You should come! E-mail me if you want to!


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