Well, my training run this morning did not go quite as planned. I met Kim and Annette in Cabot along with a huge group of the Cabot Cruisers for an easy 8 mile loop. Well, there was nothing easy about it. Kim stayed with me the entire time (THANKS KIM), I just can’t get these early morning runs to work for me. It’s like you get out of your car and BAM, you start running. Immediately my heart rate is up there, and that makes my breathing hard and that makes it M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.

We did okay, slow but okay till around mile 4 or 5, I have no idea, when I need to go to the bathroom and I don’t mean to tinkle. We are in the middle of the country, but there are still houses or I would have found a spot. It was very difficult to run, we would run for a bit and then I would HAVE TO WALK. My breathing and heart rate were tons better, but I had to go to the bathroom. This was horrible. I was scanning the countryside for a port-a-potty, none in sight. Oh well, I will make it back, no choice.

When we got to where we could see Hwy 321, very busy and very hilly, we saw this lady who was running, but she had 2 dogs with her, Kim and I wondered what she was doing with 2 dogs on this busy highway and they weren’t on a lease. We caught up to her and she said they weren’t hers, they had been following her for 15 miles!! Poor things, they were skinny and one was whimpering like it was hurt. Kim made me feed them my Luna Moons, at least they got a boost of energy :). So while we were feeding the dogs, the lady that had the dogs runs off, oh crap, now Kim and I are stuck with the dogs. They keep running out in the street and we are scared to death they are going to get hit. Keep in mind the busy highway and deer hunters galore!! They finally start running in the ditch and I guess they see the lady ahead of us and they run to catch her, thank goodness, we were worried about them. But, it did take my mind off my poop situation!

We finally can see the gas station, Yippee, I run inside and do my business and I feel tons better. Kim and I finish out 7 miles and when we get back to the school everyone is back and they are all going to the Daily Grind for coffee and breakfast. Kim and I beg off and head for Starbucks in Jacksonville for a Peppermint Mocha Latte, yummy, but a little minty for me, next time less mint.

That’s were I took this cool picture. Not sure how I got two pictures on here and can’t seem to get rid of one of them. But, how about that Christmas spirit, this car was about to fall apart, I ‘m sure this little decoration would fly off if they got on the highway.



4 Responses

  1. Oh Cheryl – what a run!

    Mine got cancelled. I should have gone to Cabot!

  2. 15 miles followed by strange dogs. What a bummer! I laughed at the way the lady tried to run off and leave you with the strange dogs when you were feeding them, but they obviously weren’t having any of that! Glad you got your run in.

  3. Me too, it was pretty funny looking back on it!

  4. I just followed a backlink to one of my flickr pictures…nice to meet another “local!” (And I would choose Daily Grind over Starbucks any day. ;-)) Current addiction is that new Tropical Smoothie Cafe in Jacksonville, though, darn it. Must get smoothie-maker, so as to stop dropping $4 a pop on Blimey Limeys.

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