Amazing Race

Did or do you watch the Amazing Race last night? I couldn’t help but laugh when 2 of the girls had to take over at the detour for their men! It was kind of funny, they were in Amsterdam and the task was to tie ropes around furniture and then hoist it up to the 2nd or 3rd floor windows and then the girls were to pull it in the window. Two different guys could not tie the knots around the first piece of furniture after numerous tries. Of course the girls were hanging out the windows trying to explain how to tie the knots, but the guys were not getting it. After the girls came down and took over, BAM, it was done, task over. Very impressive.

Anyone want to be on that show besides me? I would love to do it. I’ve asked White Bread to do it, but he said we would kill each other, he’s right. Hell, it may not take a reality show for that to happen.


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