Sadly Sunday

Well it’s sadly Sunday again, which means it is Monday tomorrow.

I met Kim at Lakewood, I wanted to run 3 miles, that’s it no more no less. And that’s exactly what we did, 3 miles. End of story, except not exactly end of story, little Miss Kim had already run 6 miles at 7 this morning with running bud Annette and she also ran 4 miles before I got there. I feel like such a beginner. Three measly miles and she did 13. That girl is a machine, well she is MUCH younger than me, and taller.

After our run it was off to Sports Academy for goggles, running pants and whatever else we might find. I’m trying to not spend so much money on myself. Yes, I am a little selfish. Did I mention the weather today – NO? It was Beautiful!! Sunny and warm, just like summer was back, in the 70’s and warmmmm. I love warm, hate cold. I only spent 13 dollars on our shopping trip, goggles, no running pants, some Luna Bars on clearance at .61 each and some athletic tape for when I go back to the PT guy on Thursday. Off to free swim at the Community Center.

Kim and I swam for about 35 minutes, they were having a birthday or soccer party at the pool, but we still got plenty of practice. Our instructor, whoever that might be this week, will be proud. I did get plenty of water up my nose though, can’t get used to not holding my nose, do you just get used to it? or am I doing something wrong? It’s very bothersome. I’m very pooped now. I know I didn’t do a lot today, but swimming makes me tired, just like a little kid, I need a nap.

One more thing – Wal-Mart news – did you know there is one Wal-Mart Supercenter for every 40,000 people in the state of Arkansas? Insane isn’t it? There was an article in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette today in the Business Section, very interesting if you didn’t read it. Another tidbit from the article, after this bastard of a store is completed behind my house there will be 6, count them 6 Supercenters within 15 miles of Little Rock. Do we really need that many? How convenient does it have to be? This is the best thing in the world for Wal-Mart, they are eating this crap up, you won’t have to drive 10 minutes in any direction before you run smack dab into a Stupercenter, did I say Stupercenter OMG, that’s it, Welcome to Wal-Mart Stuporcenter, if you’re not in a stupor now, you will be soon 🙂 . Just start looking in your backyard or front yard, is there a piece of land not developed yet?

I just made myself so happy, I’m going to have a running shirt made “Welcome to Wal-Mart Stuporcenter” with the “t” in bold or something and run in it around the parking lot when the store is finished. I’m cracking myself up!!

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  1. You are cracking ME up, too!

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