Tuesday Training

It was a great night for our Tuesday Night Flyer’s Training Clinic, warm, just perfect for me, I’m guessing about 70 degrees and a little breeze blowing. The intermediates were to do our usual warm up to our starting point of .67 miles, 3 strides and then one 400 with a 2 minute rest, one 1000 with a 4 minute rest and then a 1200 with a 5 minute rest, 3 more strides and then run back to our cars.

It was me, Annette and Kelly all together for the intermediate group. We were a little fast on our 400, a minute too fast actually at 9:26, so we slowed it down for our 1000 and we finally got it right for the 1200. We are supposed to be running these at our Lactic Threshold which is about 25 seconds slower than your PR 5K pace. The three of us have different PR’s for 5K’s but we all tried to stay about a 10:26 pace, we are not good at pacing ourselves. I really do get a lot out of our Tuesday night running clinic and I can really see an improvement on my times. If you live in the Central Arkansas area, you should think about joining us! Dennis is a great coach!!

This morning (Wednesday) I decided to do a run over at Lakewood, we have an 80% chance of rain this afternoon and I’m still trying to get used to running in the mornings. I always have these pie in the sky ideas about how far I will run, I was thinking 6 miles, well I did 3. I don’t know what happened, well yes I do, I had to make a bathroom stop and I wasn’t near a bathroom so I had to walk for awhile. Once I got over to the Old Mill, Thank Goodness, the gates were open early, so I made my pit stop at the port-a-potty and got back on track. Once I got back to my vehicle for water it was time to go, I had wasted a lot of time with walking. Oh well, can’t go back and change it.

When I was running this morning it was at a relaxed pace, 3.06 miles at a 10:51 average pace. I don’t think my heart rate was that high, wouldn’t you know it, I forgot the heart rate strap today…

3 Responses

  1. Cheryl – I think you need your own TV show!!!!

  2. I’ve made many a potty stop in some really bizarre places on my runs . . . and they aren’t really pretty.

  3. Funny you didn’t mention the “race” at the end of our 1200…are you afraid Dennis might find out???? 😉 LOL

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