Good and not so good Wednesday

Let’s start with the good. Kim (former Jazzercise instructor and running buddy) has been taking water aerobics at the Jacksonville community Center a couple nights a week and she has been really enjoying it. Last night I decided to take the plunge, ha ha, it had started raining and was turning colder, so I couldn’t run, or could and didn’t want to, perfect night for water aerobics. At first there was only me and Kim, then more people started coming in. I will say Kim and I were the only “fit” people there. I wasn’t the youngest, but Kim was, she’s in her twenties. It was a very hard class, much harder than you would imagine. We would “run” in the water from the shallow end to the deep end, back and forth, stand up straight, knees high, swing arms. Very difficult and you move very slow, especially in the deep water, lots of different exercises with a variety of music and equipment to make your workout even harder.  I got a very good workout, it lasted exactly an hour. I will go back.

The not so good – My daughter got her results from a biopsy she had on her cervix last month after a bad pap.  Not horrible news, but not great news either.  The results were – High grade occulsions or something like that, she has to have something called a LEAP procedure where they actually remove part of her cervix where the lesions or bad cells are located.  She has had regular paps and they say it’s nothing to worry about, but as a Mom, I do worry.  Hope she doesn’t get mad for me posting this, if she does, I’ll just edit it out.  She’s such a good kid, and tries hard to do everything right.  I know we will get through this just fine, it’s just not something I wanted to hear.  And she’s having the procedure on December 20th, 2 days before her birthday.  Poor thing.


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