Thursday Run/Swim

I really had to drag myself out of the house on Thursday for our Thursday night running/swimming training. It has turned cold and I hate it, I must have been a bear in a former life, it is now time to hibernate. No, it’s not that cold in Arkansas, but its cold to me.

I was running late since I had forgotten to fill up my vehicle earlier in the day and thought better of filling up after swimming, since I would be freezing cold. $61.00 to fill up, disgusting, another reason to hibernate. When I got to the Jax Community Center Brenda and Kim were already there, but no Annette. I was kind of hoping they had already started running so I could run behind them, slow. Annette was running late, so we only had to wait about 5 minutes. Still, that 5 minutes when you’re just standing around makes you even colder, I grabbed a jacket. I already had my fav Nike running pants, long sleeve dri-fit New Balance top, Reebok fleece headband and Mountain Hardwear gloves, no I don’t have a brand favorite, love them all!!

One thing about running with Brenda (has been running for years) she doesn’t warm up. As soon as Annette gets out of her truck we start running, we decided not to go to Dupree Park tonight, if you’ll remember last week I turned my ankle, it was on the trail in the dark. So around the Community Center is 1/4 mile, I hate tracks, hate them, but it’s better than running blind and breaking a bone! They were running fast, Annette and Brenda stayed in front of me and Kim. It was way too fast for me, I knew if we didn’t slow down I was not going to be able to keep up and I didn’t. After mile 1 or so I had to walk for a few seconds looked down at my Garmin, our average pace was about 9:49, wowzer!! I don’t run that fast, this is about 5K pace for me. Okay, keep going. About every mile, I had to walk just to catch my breath or get a drink of water, Kim could’ve run on without me, but she didn’t. She’s a great running buddy, always great stories to tell. She is about to go on Terminal Leave from the Air Force, Captain.

Around 6:15, I told Kim, this is my last lap, I knew swimming was at 6:30 and Annette and Brenda were still running, Kim and I walked a lap and then went inside to change for swimming. Here are our times for our 5K, HA!

3.39 miles total average pace 9:50

Mile 1 – 9:57

Mile 2 – 9:46

Mile 3 – 9:52

.39 – 9:35

Once we got inside and changed, not pretty in the dressing room, the women from Water Aerobics came in and are not modest at all! Kim and I went and sat on the benches and were waiting on our class to start, which I still did not want to do. I kept wondering where Annette and Brenda were. I thought maybe the instructors were late too, I was just an idiot, the class doesn’t start until 7. Yes, we could have run longer and Kim should have said something! I could have run longer, if we would have slowed it down a bit, say 10:15 or so and I know she would have. I just felt like an idiot, where did I get the idea it started at 6:30, this wasn’t our first week. Oh well, it was a nice and toasty 80 degrees inside the swimming enclosure.

At 7pm we started the same old routine, we once again did not have a dedicated instructor. I did not want to get in the water, I can’t swim down to the deep end without the kick board because I might appear to be drowning and then someone will have to save me, how embarassing would that be? Those stories while running will not be funny at all. I thought when I first started swimming lessons I would really like them, but we had a dedicated instructor, that was week 1, since then we have not had an instructor. Now, I don’t know what to do or how to do it, I have forgotten everything, the intermediate teacher comes over and tell us a few blurbs then she’s gone. So, Kim and I try and do glides, our arms or kicking. Kim has really caught on and swims down to the deep end and back, not me, no sirree bob, I’m not having a lifeguard jump in after me.

I stayed for about 45 minutes then left. I can’t get that breathing crap down, blow, 2, 3, whatever! Yes, I’m a big baby!!


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