Marathon Countdown

Well, it’s actually only half of a marathon and I’m getting a little nervous. Thirteen miles is nothing when you’re driving, but when you’re running, that’s another story, and since I injured my ankle in September my training has not gotten me anywhere near 13 miles (8 max mileage so far). I have a measly 11 days until the St. Jude’s Marathon in Memphis to prepare my head and body for 2 1/2 hours of torture. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Even knowing that I only have 11 days until the big day doesn’t make me want to run more, it makes me want to run less. Monday was no different, Kim and I were to meet at Lakewood for a 3 mile run. Three miles is all I could muster and she was recovering from the Tulsa 1/2 marathon on Sunday, she probably shouldn’t have run at all! It was dark of course, but not cold, around 67 degrees, that will change in the next couple of days according to the weather folks. Our 3 miles –

  • Mile 1 10:36
  • Mile 2 10:26
  • Mile 3 10:42

On a lighter note, Monday was Kim’s farewell luncheon at Cancun Mexican Restaurant, she is taking terminal leave from the Air Force. I was the only civilian present (except for a weirdo that I used to work with), but it was a lot of fun meeting her co-workers and watching all the presentations. I have attached a picture of me and Kim, it’s not a great shot of me, looks like I have some buck teeth or something, but it’s the only one of us.



One Response

  1. Great photo. You are just beautiful and DO NOT look like you have buck teeth!

    Speedy miles, too. WOW!

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