Thankful Thursday

Kim and I did not get to run on Wednesday, we received the rain that was fore-casted right around the time we had planned to run, awww, too bad. But, this also meant the cold front was coming in and OH MY did it!

On Thursday morning I met Kim and Annette in Cabot along with 10-15 other runners from the Cabot Cruisers running club for a 6.5 traditional Thanksgiving morning run. First, I want to Thanks to my good friends Annette and Kim for always being there to run with me, they are always willing to run whenever and wherever, they really are great friends and I am very thankful. Second, I want to say thanks to my stomach for not acting up on this run!! I actually only had to take about 3 short walk breaks. We ran 6.2 miles according to my Garmin at an average pace of 10:46 per mile, good for me, but probably a little slow for Kim. Here are our miles

  • Mile 1 10:48
  • Mile 2 10:38
  • Mile 3 10:55
  • Mile 4 10:33
  • Mile 5 10:44
  • Mile 6 10:57

It was so cold, I think it was around 38 degrees and the wind was blowing pretty good, it was fore-casted at 10-15 mph. I wore two layers of everything and a jacket. I did have to take the jacket off, but that’s it. No other layers came off, winter has reared its ugliness. Have I mentioned I hate the cold weather? We had a pretty good run, and then it was back home to finish up with my fruit salad and over to my Mom’s for more Thankfulness.

We (Glenn and I) arrived at my Mother’s around 1:30 and I was absolutely starving, I had eating an omelet when I got home from my run, but that did not last, I was ready to eat again, 2:00 would not come soon enough. Third thing to be thankful for today, all the food, it was so good, the sweet potatoes and dressing were by far my favorite.
Today was the day we were to meet Stephanie’s boyfriend. Fourth thing today to be thankful for, he is not a thug!! Yippee!! He was really very nice and polite, he seems to really like Stephanie and everyone liked him. She has not had the best luck in the past with boyfriends and she deserves someone to treat her like she deserves to be treated, and I think she has finally realized there are guys out there that are actually nice and have jobs. He is definitely a keeper.


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