Friday Fun

Okay people are crazy for getting out and shopping the day after Thanksgiving, lines are long, traffic is bad, people are cranky and sleep deprived, but the sales are stupendous! I couldn’t resist! It’s also a day to get out with your friends and have a good time and that’s what I did. I met Kim and my daughter Stephanie at Academy Sports at 5am, Annette decided at the last minute not to come (we did miss her), Kim had already been shopping since 4am (okay THAT is insane). Our plan was to go to Sports Authority first where they were giving the first 100 shoppers gift cards worth $10-$100, they opened at 5:30 we got there about 8 minutes after 5. When we arrived there were only about 10 cars in the parking lot, woohoo, and no one was in line, thank goodness because it was very cold, I’m thinking 35 or so and windy. We sat in our cars for a minute or two, then BAM, one person gets out of their car and everyone follows suit, it was like the flood gates had opened. We all got in line and stood there shivering like idiots. The store opened about 5 minutes early and we got our scratch off cards, all three of us got $10 cards. We shopped for 20 minutes or so and got out, none of us really found any great bargains, except for the 30% off all socks. When we were checking out the ladies in front of us said they both got $50.00 scratch off cards, they were behind us in line outside prior to the store opening. Also, when we were standing outside the lady behind me was in her pajamas and house shoes, she literally rolled out of bed, put a hat on and got in the car and came straight down to Sports Authority. At least I put some clothes and shoes on!!

Next it was off to Bed Bath & Beyond, just a couple of items purchased and then to our favorite spot – Starbucks so we could warm our insides and use the restroom. We then went across the street to Linens n Things, browsed a bit, couple of items purchased and then to the mall where we got a primo parking spot right outside of Sears. We were going to Bath and Body Works – now that store was a nightmare, the line to check-out was out the door! So we decided to go to Dillard’s to check out the purses. Once in Dillards we went to the Origins counter where Kim got her lipstick matched and I purchased some make-up remover, it better be good, I’m a die hard Clinque fan, so we’ll see. We didn’t see any purses of interest, Kim both her hubby some new undies and we headed back to Bath and Body. They really had some great bargains. Buy $30 get some doo-dad free and then Kim had a coupon for 10.00 off her $30 purchase and then another coupon for something else, she got a huge bag of stuff for $30.00, but we were in there for awhile.

After that Stephanie decided she would follow us to Belk’s in Little Rock, so we dropped her off and headed to Little Rock. Kim should have driven, she started getting a little car sick right before we got there, but she came around once we fed her some California rolls and a Diet Coke at The Fresh Market. We said good-bye to Steph, then Kim and I headed to Mid-Town Plaza, or whatever it’s called, but we went to Ann Taylor Loft where we got matching shirts :), Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, Bombay and Company (very disappointing), and Lewis and Clark (new favorite store for sports related clothing). It was now about 1:00 or so and we headed to Target in North Little Rock, we were both about ready to drop. Got a few things in Target and headed home. It was a fun filled, bargain filled day. The traffic was not bad at all, parking was pretty good, people were relatively nice, I’m really glad I went. I think the name should be changed from Black Friday to Fun Friday! Then again I did not have to buy any toys or electronics so I’m probably in the minority of the shoppers out on Friday.


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