Memphis Countdown – 3 days

Tuesday is my Running Clinic and it was Hill repeats, yuck, nobody likes hills and if they say they do, they’re lying. Since I’m doing the Half Marathon on Saturday I only had to do half the workout Tuesday night, lucky me. Our workout was our normal run down to our starting point which was .67 miles, 4 x Strides, 1 x 1000 at Lactate Pace, then 7-10 hill repeats at Lactate Pace with a slow jog down the hill each time, then run back .67 miles.

Let me just say, this was a whopper of a hill. We usually do a hill on Lila Loop, this hill made Lila Loop look like a speed bump. I did all the workout except only 5 hill repeats. I could have done 7 but not 10, everyone was complaining about how big the hill was. Monster hill.

When I got home about 7:30, Glenn was waiting at the door, this is not a good sign, I’ve done something wrong, left a door unlocked, trash can lid open, some horrible sin. He motioned me inside to the extra bedroom where the door was shut, oh crap, did I touch his new laptop? I don’t remember touching it. He said “find it”, find what? what did I lose? “no silly, find the kitten”. Kitten? I love kittens. Our neighbor Carrie’s boyfriend had dropped by and he had a kitten stuck in the grill of his car!!! Glenn rescued the little guy and now I have it. Poor little thing, it rode from Maumelle to Sherwood (15-20 miles) in the grill of a Suburban going no telling how fast, scared to death and freezing cold!

He or she wouldn’t come out from under the bed, it was still scared. Glenn said he cleaned it up and fed it, so at least it isn’t a wild cat. We did get it out from under the bed, I thought we should introduce the little baby to Rocky and Smokey. Big mistake. Rocky, who is scared of his own shadow took one look and ran under our bed. Smokey on the other hand thinks he is King Cat, took one look and started hissing and growling. So, the new kitty is fine, but the two old cats are now traumatized. Rocky won’t come out from under the bed and Smokey is walking around growling at us and everything he walks by.

I did not sleep well last night worrying about the kitten, worrying that Smokey might have the kitten as a midnight snack. I got up several times to check on everything, but each time I got up the kitten was behind the couch, hiding.

When I got up this morning the kitten was in the kitchen eating the dry food, so I guess it got a little hungry. I’m guessing the kitten is only 8-9 weeks old, the dry food is probably a little hard for him to chew and digest. I gave him some of King Cats Fancy Feast and he loves that, then took him to the litter box and he started scratching away and dropped a big one! Yea! potty trained already. Last night when I took him to the litter box he was not too interested, he also peed in my kitchen floor.

The kitten is sneezing and his eyes are all matted, I cleaned them last night with a warm washcloth. I thought it might be from his adventure in the car, but this morning they were matted and he is still sneezing, so he may have a cold. I don’t know if I’ve had a cat with a cold before. I may have to take him to the Vet sooner than later. Any suggestions on kitty colds would be appreciated.

Not sure if I’ll get a run in today or not. I really must do some work today, and I’m supposed to meet some of the IT guys I worked with for lunch and I need to go to the bank, pick up a Christmas gift or two, the list goes on.

Here are the stats from my clinic last night:

2.62 miles total – average pace 10:35

  • Mile 1 10:29
  • Mile 2 10:28
  • .62 6:43

2 Responses

  1. Speedy woman!

    You are such a sweetheart for takin in the kitten! Well, I guess your man is. My husband would NEVER take in a cat. No way in hell. Ha!

  2. I hope the kitten is ok—but, what are you going to do w/it??? Drop it off at your Mom’s on our way to Memphis? Give it to Stephanie as a Christmas present?? Wait, I know…..put a bow around it and give it to Annette!!!!! 🙂 (just kiddin’ Annette!)

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