Marathon Madness – 2 days to go

The frenzy has started. The Half Marathon is less than 2 days away and I’m a little nervous. Kim and Annette will be here in the morning around 9:30 and then we are off to Memphis! I have no idea what top/tops to wear, one top or two, jacket or no jacket, hat or no hat, I am certain about my running shoes, oh, and my underwear, I have those picked out. Otherwise, I’m torn. The weather is iffy for rain, so I’ll have to check it again in the morning. I’ll end up packing everything and deciding tomorrow night. I can’t wait to get to Memphis, we are going to have a great time.

I just got back from a short 2.25 mile run around my neighborhood, 23:50, average pace 10:35. That’s it, no more till Saturday morning. Kim and Annette are planning on running with me throughout the half marathon, I hope they don’t regret it, you know my stomach acts up sometimes and I whine and complain and all that crap, but I’m hoping for a bright cheerful no stomach problem kind of day. I just know how my body is and sometimes it rebels.  So, if anyone wants to take off running, be my guest, I don’t expect you to stick with my slow butt for 13.1 miles.  But, I so appreciate the company 🙂


2 Responses

  1. We love you Cheryl (and your complaining, whining, and the like)….I’m afraid you’ll be stuck w/us THE ENTIRE TIME!!!! Just think, it’ll be the perfect chance to get the 3 of us (and 4 if Susan runs w/us…or 5 if Kelly runs w/us too) together for a photo op!

    I’m packed and ready to go….just waiting for the big red truck to show up tomorrow morning! And, I even have a surprise for you and Annette.

  2. I am packing right now. I have to run 1.5 in the morning, so I can’t yet pack everything.

    You’re going to rock the half. And I would DEFINITELY appreciate you running with me a little bit towards the end of my race! 🙂

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