Surrogate Kitty Mom

Okay, I have become a surrogate Mommy to the Kitty, the little fur ball is very addicting, when you pick him/her up the motor starts running (purring for all you non-cat people). So sweet and loving, it’s just like a little baby, without the dirty diapers or sleep deprivation. I can’t seem to get a thing done, no work, no housework, no running. I didn’t run yesterday, barely got any work done and definitely no housework. I did call the vet about the kitty’s runny eyes and sneezing they put him on antibiotics and today his eyes are looking much better.

How about Georgie for his name, that way boy or girl, it works? Here is a picture of the little one in my arm as I try to work.


3 Responses

  1. Awww Cheryl Georgie is just too cute!!! he/she is a lucky kitty to have found you!
    Now put him down and get some work done!

  2. Oh – Georgie – I love it! How will Georgie get along while you’re in Memphis?

  3. Wonder if they have kitty daycare, since I take Maxx to doggy daycare.

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