Blustery Day

I needed to get 4 miles in today, the forecast called for highs near 60, Yippee, but windy. I ran into Leann yesterday in the cul-de-sac and she wants to run too, but she called and canceled. Oh well, it’s the last day of the year and I CAN go by myself, so I checked the forecast around noon and it was 60 degrees with 19 mph winds, holy crap! and the forecast was for the winds to get stronger as the afternoon progressed.

Unfortunately for me I had been stuffing my face with anything I could find, leftover steak from Outback, the last piece of key lime pie from Christmas, chocolate from Glenn’s stocking, Gummi Bears from Glenn’s stocking, pretzels, a granola bar and coffee, yes I was little Miss Piggy before noon. I found out from my boss I have to make a trip to Yorktown Heights, NY next week, I am not amused. It’s cold there. I have to fly into JFK airport, that’s like right by NYC, I don’t want to drive in that mess, isn’t that why everyone gets a cab? So that’s the reason for my binge eating this morning, stress.

I decided by 1:30 my stomach would be somewhat back to normal so I threw on my worst clothes, capri shorts, tech long sleeve top, greasy hair and unshaven legs and headed to Lakewood for a lonesome depressing run by myself. Just as I was getting out of my vehicle Dianne from the Clinic I went to in February pulls up right beside me, and guess what? yes, she wants to run 4 miles too. I’m really glad we ran together, it went by much faster. We had also seen her on the River Trail on Saturday, she was out doing her long run too, but she actually made it to 16 miles 🙂

Dianne had a different 4 mile loop than I had, I didn’t care, I just wanted to be out of the wind, that was impossible. We were about 3/4 of a mile out when I had to go to the bathroom, damn food. So we had to make a shortcut over to the Old Mill and then we got started again. The wind was really picking up, it seemed as though an invisible hand was holding you back, it was really tough in some places. Dianne ended up with 4 miles, but I only got 3.86, average pace 11:22. Slow.

Here is another thing I’m pissed about – my sheets not fitting on my bed. This really pisses me off in the mornings when I make the bed. I spend a ton of money on sheets that are supposed to fit mattresses up to 19″, my mattress is only 18″, I wash according to package instructions, but no, they don’t fit, they fit when you first put them on, but during the night they come off at least one corner. Maybe I just don’t know how to make a bed.

Oh, it just keeps getting better, I had some meatballs in the crock pot to take to a party next door, just went to check on them, I forgot to plug the SOB in. CRAP!!!


Another 16 miler, well almost

Does 14.84 count as 16 miles, you bet your ass it does. I did not feel the need to add on an extra mile at the end, why? wasn’t that enough? didn’t we freeze our asses off enough? there was a delicious sugar free latte waiting for us, just feet away, there was no way in hell I was adding another mile on. As you can see I’m not a stickler for mileage, I have running buddies who are, they would just go into convulsions if we didn’t get exactly 16 miles, not me, I’m good.

Annette came to my house yesterday morning around 6:30, we had decided to forgo the Little Rock marathon training at 6 am and do our own route starting at the River Market at 7am, seemed more civilized and of course Boulevard Bread as our reward when we finished. Kelly wanted to run with us, but not 16 miles so we were going to meet her at the Skate Park on the River Trail at 7:45, kind of hard to figure out exactly what time we would get there since we really didn’t know how far away it was, we were thinking around 4 miles.

Well, number 1 it was freaking freezing outside, 27 degrees to be exact, number 2 we both had to make a bathroom stop before we started running. Once we started running it was already 7:20. We called Kelly and told her we may be late to the Skate Park, probably around 8. Then we started running, it was so cold, we had on plenty of layers, but my face, toes and hands were still cold, my face especially. I couldn’t wait to feel the sun, but it hadn’t quite got to us yet, it was a beautiful morning, very still, no wind, but oh so chilly.

We made it to the Skate Park just as Kelly was pulling in, perfect timing, it was a lot shorter distance than we thought, less than 3 miles. When we ran this route before with the Little Rock Marathon training group we had taken a longer route that’s why we had no idea how far it was. We used the port-a-potty, no fun, I shed my sleeves out of my new jacket, gobbled some Luna Moons and some water and we were off again. We stayed there a little too long cause I was getting cold again.

It was nice to have Kelly to run with, she was all energized, Annette and I both seemed sluggish, I really was not into it, I felt worse than I did last Saturday for sure. Of course the cold didn’t help, I hate winter and last week was about 30 degrees warmer. We didn’t see a lot of people on the River Trail until we reached the Dog Park, then we saw a group of Hot Legs people, I know a couple of them from the Women Can Run Clinic and Annette knows Melissa from Sherwood Fest. It was nice to see familiar faces. Everyone was bundled up, but by this time the sun was feeling good! Oh, I forgot to mention, when we got to the Skate Park the wind started blowing, really pissed me off, it was so still the first 3 miles then BAM, wind.

We trudged along till we reached the Big Dam Bridge, that’s where our turn around was going to be, I was hoping we would have 8 miles at this point, but we didn’t, oh well, didn’t care. Yes, we could have run over the bridge and gotten the damned mile, but I didn’t want to, I was tired and ready to head back. I had started out the day with my new hydration belt which I had packed with some new gel, Carb Boom Strawberry Kiwi I think, yummy, it was so good, I ate almost the whole thing and I usually don’t like that stuff, Kelly and Annette ate some Sports Beans or whatever they had and we were on our way back. Yippee!!

Of course on our way back it was much slower, faster at first, then slow, lots more walk breaks. Just one mile at a time, I kept telling myself. Annette and I walked up the hills, and Kelly was a machine, she ran up every one of them, little miss speedy! Once we reached Kelly’s car I knew we had less than 3 miles to go. We can make that can’t we?

Brenda was going to meet us at Boulevard Bread after her 14 mile run in Cabot, she called Annette’s phone letting us know she was already there when we were still about 20 minutes out, I think. I could see the Broadway bridge, but once again I had no idea how far away it was. We had to get to the bridge, cross the Arkansas River and run down 4 or 5 blocks to get to where Brenda was, how long does that take? We had to stop at a couple of traffic signals, but I think we made it in about 15 minutes, maybe. Who knows. We ran until we got to the door of the Restaurant, which Annette’s Garmin said 14.84, that’s what we are going with, not 16, but none the less, a long run.

We were really happy to see Brenda, and really happy to see Coffee and Food too!! It was nice to sit and talk about our running adventures and other girl crap. We took Kelly back to the Skate Park for her car, she had a good run today! Better than Annette and I did.

Annette and I stopped at Russell Honda in Sherwood to take a peek at a Honda CR-V she was thinking about buying, very cute. I bet she bought it last night, be sure and check out her blog, she also took a couple of pictures yesterday on our run. Here are our unimpressive stats from yesterday. Except we beat our pace from last week.

14.84 miles 2:45:42 Average pace 11:30, average pace improvement over last Saturday Avg Heart Rate 157 Max 173 Calories burned 1319

  1. 10:42
  2. 11:29
  3. 10:33
  4. 11:14
  5. 11:31
  6. 10:59
  7. 11:53
  8. 11:19
  9. 11:33
  10. 12:34
  11. 12:15
  12. 11:11
  13. 12:02
  14. 12:11
  15. 10:46

Thursday night Flyer Training

Our normal Tuesday night running clinic was changed to Thursday night due to Christmas and New Year’s. I really, really, did not want to go, Dennis always sends out the workout before hand and it was hill repeats, yuck. I had not been outside all day, it was dreary, my handy dandy thermometer said it was around 40 degrees and everything looked wet, either from the rain we got the day before or from the fog still hanging around all day.

The only good thing about going to the running clinic was wearing my new Christmas presents. I was styling, but freezing my ass off still. I wore my new Brooks pants with a pair of shorts underneath, my new Brooks hoodie with a shirt underneath, my new Brooks headband, with a baseball cap on, my new blinky light, new socks, and old gloves. I thought I would be warm enough once we got started. I got to the school at little early and when I stepped out of my truck – Holy Crap – the wind almost drove me back home! I’m serious, I thought, what the hell are you doing here, AND it was misting rain, or was it just “condensation” as Annette likes to call it 🙂 I heard on the radio just before I got there it was 37 degrees, but the wind…..

We took off right at 6pm for a 1-2 mile warm up run, it was me, Annette and Jennifer in a pack, we were running straight into the wind, my face was freezing, hell, my whole body was freezing! We had to take a detour over to Annette’s sisters house for a quick bathroom break which got us out of the wind for a bit, WOW, the difference when you are not running straight into the wind! After our quick break it was back over to THE HILL for our 7-10 repeats.

Dennis had given us specific instructions about running up the steep MF, don’t lean forward, shorten your stride, if your inside thigh groin area hurts stop, use your arms. But, let me tell you, it was tough!! After a couple of repeats, I was breathing hard, and didn’t want to do anymore. But, we kept going. Dennis was watching our form the whole time, he would give us pointers or pull people aside from time to time. He pulled Annette aside after 6 repeats and told her she looked like she was running in mud and she needed to stop. She had been to a body sculpting class and her legs were shot, but she ran on the flats until Kelly, Jennifer and I were done with our 9 repeats, yes 9, we only had to do 7, but we did 9. Yea for us! We actually had just finished 8 when Coach Dennis said as we were going DOWN the hill “hey, you girls wave at me when you start up on your next one” so he kind of guilted us in to doing the 9th one. It was the hardest one of all, and of course we had to keep our form just perfect, because we waved on our way up and we knew he was watching, just like Santa!

The four of us started our trek back to the school to get the heck out of the cold, wind and “condensation”, but wait, what the hell happened to the wind, it had mysteriously stopped. Weird. Ended up with just over 4 miles, not too bad considering all the damn hills.

Tomorrow is to be a long run, another 16 miler, not really looking forward to that. The low tonight is 28, holy cow, face freeze!! Instead of running with the Little Rock Marathon training group at 6am in exciting Maumelle, I think we are going to start in the River Market and go on the River Trail so we can end up back at the River Market, we really enjoyed that last time (not the running part) the Boulevard bread part 🙂 I think we are going to try for around 7am so at least the sun will be up. I don’t have any big plans for tomorrow, so unlike last weekend when I get finished with the 16 miles I can relax and maybe motivate myself to clean out a closet or something.

Back to it!

Okay the Holidays are officially over, well almost, we still have New Year’s Eve, which I will be spending at my neighbor Carrie’s. I doubt if I make it to midnight, but we shall see. Anyway, Christmas was a success in my house, I racked up on running gear. Two Brooks tops, an inSport Jacket with zip-out sleeves, a fuel belt, a blinky light, a Brooks headband, and Brooks running pants, all purchased at the Sporty Runner in Conway, Arkansas. I will be exchanged the pants, I look like a Grandpa in them (baggy butt), and I will be exchanging one of the tops, they are both blue, almost the same color blue. I was pleasantly surprised that Glenn did such a good job (except the pants). I felt a tad bit bad about his gifts. But, I had an awesome stocking for him and he just doesn’t get the stocking thing, it was full of good useless crap. He gave me a stocking too, well it was a togo bag with sports beans and gels for running, about 20 all together (no chocolate).


Stephanie and Jeremy came over late in the afternoon, they had been up all night playing with the Wii, she seemed happy with everything, and for some unknown reason I forgot to take ANY pictures. I guess because it was late in the day I just forgot, middle aged dumb ass again! They didn’t stay very long, they had to rush back home to play wii again.

I did not run on Christmas, Leann wants to run today instead, hopefully she’ll still be up to it this afternoon. I need about 5 miles today, especially after all the dark chocolate I snuck out of Glenn’s stocking, who doesn’t love dark chocolate?

I hope to get things back to normal and get a routine, I also want to find some sort of aerobic class soon. I say all that and I know I’m going to be traveling again soon, so what’s the point? I love having a routine, a schedule, for my workouts, I’m more apt to stick to them, I can feel my body turning to mush since our Jazzercise classes have ceased. I have my 8 pound weights sitting right by the couch and I try to do my arms on a regular basis, but it’s not the same as being in a class, cause if I get tired, I just put them down.

Well, I’ve got a list of errands to get done today, I’m going to try and refrain myself from the after Christmas sales. I have to much crap.

Christmas Eve Run

Ah, Christmas Eve, no snow for us, but it was quite chilly in the morning.  Georgie had a return vet appointment at 8:00am, yes I know, they were open?  Yes, till noon.  I was a little early and they weighed Georgie, he is now a whopping 2.6 pounds, up from 3 weeks ago when he was a mere 1.8 pounds.  He was so good in the carrier, never a peep, once we were in the exam room I put him in my lap, where he was an excellent kitty.  The assistant came in and said Doc was running late, did I want the girls to give Georgie his shot, NO, I want the Doc.  I guess it wouldn’t have been any big deal, but Georgie has been sneezing and I wasn’t sure if he should have his shot.  The Dr. was only about 15 minutes late and did decide not to give Georgie his shot, but sent us home with antibiotics and a return visit in 2 weeks.

Once we got back home I had to work, I’m not sure why I didn’t take today off, I have plenty of PTO time, I guess I’m getting forgetful in my middle aged years.  I have a project I’m helping with and I wanted to get the biggest part of it done.  I checked the weather forecast and saw where it was going to be in the 50’s sometime around 2pm, sounds like a perfect time for my 4 miles.  I also planned to knock off for the day at 2 since the corporate office was shutting down at 3pm EST.

I called LeAnn to see if she wanted to go to Lakewood, she was at the mall she might be back in time and would call if things turned out that way.  I thought for sure she wouldn’t make it back in time.  The Mall on Christmas Eve had to be a nightmare.  I actually needed to get something else for Stephanie, thought I might get up there after my run.  LeAnn did make it back and we headed to Lakewood at 2pm for 4 miles.

It was a nice sunny day to run, 50ish or so temperature wise, really perfect weather, I had long sleeves and long pants on, which was good for me.  I can see Annette or Brenda in the same weather with shorts and a tee on :).  We found a good 4 mile loop on Friday and did the same today, we took 2 or 3 walk breaks whenever LeAnn needed to, I’m just glad she is out running again.  I think this will get her to the Little Rock half Marathon anyway.  We were faster than we were on Friday, which is always a good thing.  4 miles at an average of 11:24 per mile.  After our run I took her to Starbuck’s and introduced her to Mocha Light Frappuccino, yummy, cool, refreshing and not fattening either.   It was nice to spend a little girl time with LeAnn, she’s been cooped up with all boys at her house, I told her how she reminded me and Annette of Julie on the Biggest Loser, not weight wise, but her personality and facial expressions.  I hope it didn’t hurt her feelings.

Once I got home I had gotten an email from work and had to make sure everyone was happy before logging off for Christmas, by the time I was done, Glenn was getting home.  Nothing special going on around here for Christmas Eve, I didn’t want to go to the grocery store so we ended up eating Fish Sticks and Broccoli, who knows what we’ll find for tomorrow.  I did have a wonderful piece of Key Lime Pie for desert, best part of the day.

We watched Madagascar and went to bed, hope your Christmas Eve was just as exciting as mine.  Have a Merry Christmas!

First 16 miler

WOW – with the company of my running buds Annette and Michele, oh and of course the entire Little Rock Marathon training group, I completed my first 16 miler yesterday. I did wonder for a while if I could do anything past 13 miles. With injuries and sickness it seemed as though I would never get a longer run in.

I did not check the forecast before going to bed, but since it was about 57 at bedtime I laid out capri shorts, a tech tee and a long sleeve tee to wear over that, when I got out of bed I stepped outside and it was still pretty warm and the outside thermometer said 50. I’m always worried about being too cold, but 50 degrees was going to be perfect. Annette and Michele arrived around 5:35 and I was hoping my neighbor LeAnn was going to be showing up any second, we had run 4 miles on Friday and she said if she was up she would go with us. One thing that kind of worried me was rain, when I met Annette and Michelle at the door it was misting rain, Annette said it was condensation not rain? Anyway I grabbed a hat and got one for Michele too, can’t run with water running in my eyes. Really don’t want to run in the rain at all. We actually were a little late heading out, but arrived right on time, 6:00 at the Arts Center for our full page turn by turn instructions and off we went in the “condensation” not rain.  It did stop “condensating” on us at some point and to me was good running weather.

This was the third rotation for this route in the Little Rock Marathon Training, just never this far, the first couple of miles were at an easy pace and then Annette said her stomach wasn’t feeling well, she wanted to find a restroom. I knew from looking at the route and being of part of the route before, it might be a while, I also knew how she was feeling, it’s a horrible feeling to have your stomach start messing with you a couple of miles into a run and you can’t do a thing about it. We took a few walk breaks which ended up saving us at the end. Around mile 5 or 6, not even sure where, we found a gas station. I had been telling Annette I knew where this gas station was on Markham, we were so thankful just to see it in the distance. I knew how much better she would feel just knowing there WAS a restroom to go to. Then the bad news – NO PUBLIC RESTROOM. Of all the luck, I thought how can this be? But, Annette went in by herself and some how convinced the man to let her use the facilities. Michele and I kind of stayed out of his eyesight outside and waited. You could see the relief in Annette’s face when she came out, we were off again!

Now it was time for THE HILL we were running on part of the Little Rock Marathon course and now it was UP Kavanuagh, what a long hill, it was never ending, well it leveled out in Hillcrest for a bit and then it was UP again at Mount St Mary’s School, but Kudos to the three of us, we ran up the entire route. We made one pit stop on the level part in Hillcrest so I could take some Tylenol (thanks Michele), but we pushed on. I can’t believe we ran the entire hill, not fast mind you, but we did not walk it. After we crossed Cantrell road we filled up our water bottles, this was about the half way point, YEA!!!

I thought we would pretty much be done with the hills, boy was I wrong, we had several more good hills to run up, all through the Heights and Cammack Village, those were especially hard, I think because we had just run up Kavanuagh and at this point I was getting hungry. I tried to eat a Luna Moon, but it was making me nauseated, so was my Nuun in my water, just getting tired. Once we got through all the back streets and got back on Kavanaugh I was thinking at least it will be downhill until we get finished. And it pretty much was, what was amazing is how long it took us to go down Kavanaugh, we RAN UP this hill – WOW.

Once we got on Markham, this was going to be a long run, we were about mile 13-14, so Markham was going to go all the way into the River Market somewhere on Markham around Chester or that area I heard someone holler “Annette” I thought I was delirious, but no, it was Susan from Benton, I think she was at her office?  We went over and said Hi, it was a nice break, we only had 1.5 miles to go, she also was kind enough to add some water to my bottle, Thank you Susan!  It was great to see her, she said she had been watching for us, that was so nice!

1.5 miles to go, can you believe it, we have almost made it!  I was proud of myself, I had never run this far, but I was really feeling the pain, my right foot was killing me, right where my big toe bends, I had to stop in Hillcrest again and Michele had given me some Bio-Freeze to put on it, that helped for a bit, but now it was screaming – Stop running – Also all butt and quads were feeling every miles, I could keep going, but they were starting to talk too.

We were now in downtown Little Rock and according to my Garmin we only had half a mile to go, impossible, our car was further away than that.  The River Market was blocks away and  then we were probably a half a mile away.  Michele had already hit 16 miles.  She is little Miss Speedy, she would run ahead of us and then run back to us, so she got in some extra mileage yesterday.   When we got to the River Market we turned on Commerce then right on Capital, and then left on Cumberland, Michelle was about 2 blocks in front of us, when Annette and I were on Cumberland headed for 9th street my Garmin went off, 16 miles!!!  Holy Crap!!  I did it!!  Woo Hoo!! Save the Day!!  Thanks again to Annette and Michele and the entire Little Rock Training Group. I like going out there and running with the group, I get my run in early and they are always encouraging.  But I especially love it when my friends go. 🙂

Here are the muscle aching stats – actually only my quads are a little sore today, feel good!

16.11 miles        3:09:42      Average pace 11:46          Calories 1487     AHR 161 Max 178

  1. 11:16
  2. 10:54
  3. 14:19
  4. 12:07
  5. 12:47
  6. 11:08
  7. 11:58
  8. 11:42
  9. 11:21
  10. 12:08
  11. 11:42
  12. 10:36
  13. 11:21
  14. 10:36
  15. 12:36
  16. 11:47

Thursday Crap Day

I did want to get in a run on Thursday, but so much is going on I never did.  Stephanie’s LEEP procedure was scheduled for 2pm at the UAMS Women’s Clinic, I knew before we even got there it would take forever and I needed to drop my expense report at the UPS Store another long wait I assumed since it is almost Christmas.

First off, I had to work, it really is hard to get all my personal crap done while trying to work.  Sheila, the only person left from the merger of my old company, needed some help on projects she was working on and I knew she was getting ready for vacation, so needless to say I agreed to help.  Around noon I started getting ready to leave, where are the cats, snacks, magazines, stuff for UPS, etc.  Left my house around 1pm and headed to the UPS store, it wasn’t busy, but the owner came out and I explained I wanted to send my package UPS Ground, “oh, we don’t do that here, only 2nd day or Express” WHAT?  He said he is a franchise and he only does the 2nd day and Express as a courtesy, if I want Ground service I need to drive out to the Airport.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  What a load of Horse Shit!!  Our new company has an account with UPS and I could have sent it 2nd day air and I actually went back inside and asked the teenage kid behind the counter how much it would cost, $14.50, oh crap, I don’t know if the “Company” would approve of me sending my expense report in 2nd day when I can go to the Post Office for less than $5.00.   So being thrifty I headed to the Post Office on JFK, it was a little busier than the UPS store.  I spent 5.25 for Priority Mail with a Delivery Confirmation and it will arrive on Saturday.    You can bitch and complain all you want about the Postal Service, but for around $5.00 my package will be there in 2 days, AMAZING.

Next, it was off to the Clinic, I had tried to call Stephanie a couple of times and she wouldn’t answer.  I was worried she would bail on the procedure because on Wednesday she said she didn’t want to go and she didn’t want to pay for it.  She doesn’t have insurance and Medicaid/Medicare doesn’t cover the procedure for some unknown reason.  She hasn’t followed through on getting a discount from the clinic by filing a Medicaid denied form and it’s driving me insane.  She also hasn’t even sent them $20.00 either, which drives me insane too.  As I’m sitting in the parking lot my phone rings about 10 till 2, she’s on her way.  Shock and dismay, I explained to her that if she doesn’t have this procedure it can lead to Cancer which can lead to DEATH.  Which is worse, the procedure or Cancer?  It’s so hard trying to make your children see the big picture, all they can see is the moment that’s right in front of them, not next week or next year, certainly not the rest of their lives.

We did have to wait forever, it was not nearly as crowded today as it has been in our last couple of visits, but they finally called us back at 3:30.  Since she had already had the biopsy and it was so painful I know she was scared, but this procedure they numb the area (cervix) before they do all the nasty stuff.  Yes the injection might hurt a little, but nothing compared to that biopsy.  Tears were shed even before the procedure began.  I sat behind a curtain and the Doc and Nurse kept telling her, relax, just relax, it will be much easier.  Easy for them to say.  It didn’t take that long for the procedure, 15 minutes max, it was the preparation and all that crap that makes it seem like forever.  We go back in a month for the results and then she has to have a Pap ever 3 months for a year, which Medicaid should cover.  I’m glad that part is over, hopefully they got all those bad cells and she won’t have to do that again.  She worked last night, I hope it went okay, I haven’t talked to her this morning, she loves her sleep.

I hadn’t eaten any lunch, thank goodness I packed those snacks.  I ate a few crackers on my way home.  Stopped at Wicks & Wax to look for another Christmas gift, that’s a great shop, they gave me a little sampling of their Wassail, yummy, I would have bought some, but of course they were out.  They had all their Department 56 stuff 1/2 price.  I don’t collect that stuff, but found an adorable ornament that I didn’t even realize was 1/2 price.  I may go back today, yeah right, busy day today to.

Got home around 5:45 and fed cats, then Glenn got home and I told him I needed to get in the attic to get the wrapping paper, I haven’t wrapped one gift yet.  Of course he had smart remarks, like I don’t like you going up there, you could fall through on my car or knock my bicycle over.  He had to escort me to the ladder and follow me up to the attic, he saw some wrapping paper right by the stairs, I have no idea where it came from, and said why don’t you use this?  I replied, I don’t like it and I have no idea where it came from, it’s ugly.  He replied, well let’s shit can it then.  I said, fine by me.  And then he goes off on this tangent about how wasteful I am by not using the wrapping paper.  I had other paper I was going to use, I didn’t like the paper, I was never going to use it, he can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine as far as I’m concerned.  So, he gets mad, I mean mad, I said, you’re getting mad over wrapping paper – he says – You’re being wasteful, I reminded him that he was the one who wanted to shit can it, I could use it in packing boxes or whatever, but I wasn’t using it to wrap Christmas gifts to take to my Mother’s house.  He was mad until we went to bed.  He is so bitter, I think he likes being miserable.  The wrapping paper is in the trash.  I told him he could wrap my presents in it if he wanted to use the paper, he said, you’re not getting any presents.  BAH HUMBUG

Next thing was I about killed Georgie, I was making a sandwich and putting my lunchmeat back in the fridge and bam, his head was in the door. OUCH, poor baby, I could have broke his neck.  It made me sick to my stomach, he ran off and went under the bed, I couldn’t get him to come out.  I finally got Rocky back in the house and then Georgie came out, he was fine, just startled I guess.  He did sleep with me so I guess he’s not too mad at me for trying to kill him.  That’s 2 of his lives gone now.

My neighbor and I are going to run at 10 am today, 4 miles over at Lakewood, and then today is going to be a whirlwind, tomorrow is Stephanie’s birthday and Christmas at my Mother’s, plus 16 miles with the Little Rock Marathon training group.  Holy Crap.