Wow is it Tuesday already?  I took Sunday pretty easy after the half marathon on Saturday, felt good, not terribly sore, but knew I ran 13 miles if you know what I mean.  The only sore part on my body is my two long toes next to my big toes.  That’s never happened before, why are my toes sore?  Weird.

Yesterday I took the day off from work to get some Christmas shopping done, out of the house by 9 am with my list and my coupons.  I found a few things, but a couple of things I really wanted the stores were out of already.  Like jeans for White Bread, come on, it’s December 3 and you don’t have 20X Wrangler’s in stock?  They had some, just terribly weird sizes, not normal 32 x 32 sizes.  There is another item I’m looking for and can’t find and can’t mention cause someone might read this and figure it out 🙂

Around 1:30 I stopped at Kohl’s to look around, I did have a 15% coupon off my entire purchase, just in case.  While I was looking around Stephanie (my daughter) called and I broke the news about the new kitty.  She was very excited and since she had just finished her last class she decided to meet me and go with me to the Vet at 4:00, Thank Goodness! I did not want to westle both Smokey and the new Kitty, his name is Georgie, by myself.

Stephanie and I looked around a bit in Kohl’s, got a few small gifts, used my coupon 🙂 and headed to house to wrangle the cats to the Vet.  We still had a little time, so she spent the time loving on Georgie, he is really sweet.  I put him in the cat carrier and wrapped Smokey in a towel, he does much better outside the carrier than in it.  Off to see Dr. Z.

It’s official Georgie is a male kitty about 8 weeks old, no worms, he weighs 1.8 pounds, I was shocked he weighed that much!  Looks good, the Doc gave me some flea shampoo and told me to bathe him tonight, oh great, I’ve never bathed a cat, that’s why I have cats, they bathe themselves.  Smokey got his shot and 100 bucks later we are headed home.

We dropped the cats off and headed to the Mall, Stephanie wants a new off white coat for Christmas.  We went into Dillard’s, she tried on 3 coats and we were done!  She got a really cute Guess Coat, I’ll take a picture of it, I kind of wish I had it.

Once I got back home I put a pork roast in the oven and decided to give Georgie his bath.  Oh boy, no fun, poor little fella.  I bathed him in the kitchen sink, very warm water, washcloth, small towel and the flea shampoo.  He was scared to death, but he was pretty good.  I could see the fleas on him and the dirt!  Dirty little boy!  The Doc said to shampoo him for 6-7 minutes, that seemed like forever, and I was scared I would get it in his eyes, he looked like a drowned rat, poor baby.  Glenn came home in the middle of the bath and helped me get him cleaned up.  We kept washing him till we were sure the fleas were off of him and then took him into the bathroom with the space heater to get him dry.  He was shaking so bad, and it took forever to get his hair dry.  We ended up putting him on a heating pad and then a blanket on top of him, he didn’t move for quite some time!

Busy Monday, but a lot accomplished.  Tonight it’s back to the Tuesday Night Flyer’s Running Clinic in Cabot.  Not looking forward to it at all, of course it’s cold outside, or will be after the sun goes down, and I have been inside ALL day.  Also, I feel like a slug, don’t want to run.


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  1. I say if you don’t want to run, don’t run. Rest!

    I am loving the cat antics.

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