Cold Thursday Training

I met Kim at Lakewood at 3:00 pm for another 4 mile training run. I really bundled up since the weather is much cooler today than yesterday, 37 degrees and winds around 13 mph. At least yesterday the sun was out. I wore my new Mizuno Wave Nirvana 3 shoes with my new inserts I bought at the Memphis Marathon Expo and they did great!

Our run started out pretty good, but the wind really takes all your body heat away. I would only unzip my jacket every once in awhile and then a big gust of wind would come up and up the zipper would go. Mile 2 and 3 sucked, my stomach started acting up and we had to take a few walk breaks until the monster settled down. All in all we got in 4 miles (Kim had already run 5).

  • Mile 1 10:28
  • Mile 2 11:14
  • Mile 3 12:12
  • Mile 4 10:39

I have been home for about 45 minutes and I can’t get warm, I have a blanket wrapped around me while I’m typing this and I’ll still shivering. It’s making my back hurt. Have I mentioned how much I despise the cold weather? What do I want for Christmas? A house in a warmer climate!

No running tomorrow, saving myself for the big 14 miler on Saturday!

Oh but let’s not forget next week I will be in sunny Florida where the forecast is sunny, low 70 high 80, just about every day.  I will not know how to act, or dress!!  Oh crap, I’ll have to shave my legs.


2 Responses

  1. I envy you…while you’ll be in sunny FL, I’ll be freezing and very bundled up, running in Northern Ohio winter 😦 Ha, ha though…I won’t have to shave my legs!

  2. Cheryl have alot of fun in the sun next week. Maybe you can bring warmer weather back with you!

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