Saturday Marathon Training

I woke up on Friday with a sore throat and sneezing, I looked in our medicine basket and all I could find was an old box of Sucrets and some Zicam Nasal Gel, I’ve never used any kind of nose spray/gel, so I used that crap all day on Friday, but I could still feel myself getting a head cold. I didn’t know if I could run 14 miles with a head cold, besides I just ran that half marathon last weekend.

I went to bed at 8:30 on Friday night, at 8:00 I couldn’t keep my head up, but when I got in bed at 8:30, wide awake. I finally went to sleep sometime before 10, but kept waking up all night, 11:40, 1:39, 2:33, 3:55. My alarm went off at 4:25, I felt pretty bad, was tempted to call Annette and tell her forget it, I can’t run 1 mile let alone 14, but I kept getting ready. I knew I’d be in Florida next week and my training will suffer, and it wasn’t supposed to be cold today, so I decided to give it a whirl.

Met Kim and Annette at 5:35 am then we headed to the River Market to meet the Little Rock Marathon Training Group for a 14 mile run. When we got there I wanted to go to the bathroom first, they were locked, DAMN IT, there was no way I could run without going to the bathroom, yes I went before I left the house, but I needed to go again. At promptly 6:00 about 100 runners started running towards us, so we took off too. We were on President Clinton Avenue headed West to the Broadway Bridge, The Peabody Hotel was up ahead (bathroom), but before we got there this girl was running on the sidewalk and took a huge fall, I mean BAM, she caught her foot on a grate and SLID, cut her hand, but got up and kept going. I felt so bad for her, it had to have really hurt, she was pretty young, she’ll recover.

When we got to the Peabody, we went in like we knew where we were going, but I could not find a restroom and this lady asked if we were looking for water and we said no, bathroom, she said to follow her up to the 2nd floor Health Club. We rode up in the elevator, but her card key would not work, so Annette started roaming around toward the meeting rooms where we knew there had to be restrooms. TA- DA, there they were, not a minute too soon. We did our business and got out of there, we probably wasted a good 10 minutes, but it was a necessity.

Our route was mostly on the River Trail, once we got on the River Trail people were already coming back, we figured out it was the half marathon people who were doing 7 miles and only going about a quarter of a mile on the River Trail before their turnaround, everyone was pretty friendly today, Good Mornings, were plenty. Thank goodness this was not a race, I had to take LOTS of walk breaks, just tired mostly. Thanks Kim and Annette for being so patient.

We made it to our turnaround spot just past the boat ramp on the River Trail, but it wasn’t half way, it was only about 6 miles, oh well, fine with me, I was ready to be done anyway. Once we got off the River Trail and started back on the city streets, around mile 10 or 11, I wanted to cut it short, it would only give us 12 or so miles, Kim and Annette said okay. We headed toward the Broadway bridge and then down Markham toward the River Market where I finished with 12.14 miles. Good enough.

We marked our names off the sign in list, got a cookie, stretched and then went into Boulevard Bread Company for the BEST Organic Heart Healthy 7 grain toast and Sugar Free Lattes. It was wonderful or we were just starving. Annette and Kim bought a loaf of the bread to split and take home.

Here are the slow stats for today’s run, I feel pretty good, not sore, yet.

12.14 miles, 11:47 avg pace, 2:23:10

  • Mile 1     10:48
  • Mile 2     11:22
  • Mile 3     12:53
  • Mile 4     11:36
  • Mile 5     12:18
  • Mile 6     11:42
  • Mile 7      11:35
  • Mile 8     11:41
  • Mile 9     11:30
  • Mile 10   11:54
  • Mile 11   12:10
  • Mile 12   12:00
  • Mile .14   1:40

We are going to a surprise party tonight, rest day tomorrow and then I’m headed to Boca Raton, Florida Monday early am.  So, I may not be posting again for a couple of days, my laptop is still a piece of crap and not working.


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  1. Excellent run, I’d say!

    Enjoy Florida. Can you put me in your suitcase? 🙂

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