Monday Court

I guess I haven’t been in court since I was on jury duty several years back, what a bunch of rednecks, nothing against Faulkner County, but maybe you guys need to start a stop smoking program and some personal hygiene would be a plus too.  Yes, I’m from Arkansas and now I know why people from other states make fun of us, all you have to do is go to court in Faulkner County, was I the only normal person there?  Depends on what you call normal.  There was about 150 people there at 7:30am this morning, for everything from minor traffic violations to theft of property to DUI to hot checks.  I thought I would never get out of there.  It was pretty organized, the judge was long winded and told stories for the first 30 minutes, then if you were pleading guilty you stayed seated, if you were pleading not guilty you got in line for a court date.  He even explained how you could be your own lawyer and what hearsay meant.

He then started calling people alphabetically by last name, Z, then he jumped to N, then B, he was all over the place, you would stand in the center on the courtroom and wait your turn in front of the judge.   The was a police officer who handed you a piece of paper that already had you fine listed, mine was $140.00, better than the 2 or 3 hundred I thought it might be.  When it was my turn all he said was we will put you on probation for 6 months so it doesn’t go on your record, follow the probation rules, defensive driving course, good luck.  Done.  That was around 9:45, then I had to stand in line to pay my fine, they actually give you 30 days to pay it or you can pay in installments.  As far as the driving school, I think I can take it in NLR or on line, I need to check into that.

I have been working since I got home, my boss is out until Wednesday so covering her emails and crap.  Need to get a run in today, but after yesterday’s torture I really don’t want to.  I feel like my training is going backwards instead of forward.  At some point in the late summer I was really feeling good about my training, then I sprained my ankle and was off for 4 weeks, that’s when it really started going bad.  I had to hurry up and get in some long miles for the St. Jude half marathon and then I got this stupid cold.  I feel like I can’t run 1 mile without a breather.  I don’t know what to do.

It’s like I’m exhausted before I even get started, my breathing is off, my heart rate is high, it’s hard to get in the mood to run when it makes you feel like you’re about to croak!  Maybe I’m not getting enough other exercises.   Maybe I need to find an aerobics class.  Maybe I’m just a puss.


2 Responses

  1. Maybe you just need some rest and to stop beating yourself up!!!

    I thought you did great yesterday considering you had been sick almost all week and had gotten very little sleep the night before. If you dont’ get enough rest your body is just not going to let you run!!!

  2. I hate court, too!

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