Tuesday Training

Tuesday night is our running clinic in Cabot – Tuesday Night Flyers with Coach Dennis, I didn’t arrive until right at 6:00, I like to get there a few minutes early to listen to Dennis talk to everyone, hate I missed all that, but I couldn’t locate Smokey before I left the house, he was still MIA at 5:15, but I had to leave to make it on time, traffic was a nightmare, knew I should have stayed home.

Our workout was to be a 2 mile warm up, 4 strides, 15 minute tempo run at Lactate Pace and then more strides with our cool down run back to our start point.  Annette, Kelly and  I started out together for the 2 mile warm-up, it always amazes me how fast everyone goes out on the “warm-up”, I think Dennis needs to corral some of his speedsters so we can get in a “warm-up”, it makes us slower runners feel like we need to keep up, if you know what I mean.

Of course Annette and I had to make a side trip to Andrea’s house for a bathroon break, never fails, if you’re ever looking for one of us you can bet one of us is in the bathroom 🙂

Once we got our strides in, of course it was time for the dreaded tempo run, I always run with the intermediate group and my buddy Annette has just moved up to Advanced, so I missed running with her for the tempo run, but did enjoy running with Jennifer, we were trying to keep a 10:25 pace for the entire 15 minutes and we pretty much kept right on track, one of the girls Shanna was supposed to be right behind us, we kept looking behind us and at some point she just vanished.  We did see her as we were finishing our 15 minutes, she had taken a wrong turn?  Don’t know how that happened, but she was wearing an iPod, those things worry me.  Dennis asked how we did, which I thought we did pretty good, so did Jennifer, we were then ready to head back to our vehicles.  I didn’t see Annette or Kelly anywhere, I guess they were still doing their tempo runs.

When Jennifer and I headed back to our cars we passed Shanna and asked her how she was doing, Nada, she said nothing, iPod, she couldn’t hear us, did she have it turned up so loud that you can’t hear another humans voice?  I didn’t whisper, can she hear a car coming?  It was pitch dark in spots out there, is that safe?  I have an iPod shuffle, but if I do wear mine its usually in daylight and then I only put one ear plug in, I’m nervous Nelly I guess, I don’t want some crazed person running up behind me and not knowing it.  She couldn’t hear us!  I could have kidnapped her, knocked her in the head, whatever!  I don’t know I guess it’s the way of the world.

Anyway, back to the clinic, ended up with 3.93 miles, Jennifer and I talked a bit about the Little Rock Marathon, I encouraged her to keep training, she has lost her training partner (Sonia), not sure what happened.  I hope she will come to the Little Rock Marathon training with me one Saturday where she can meet some people to train with at her pace.

Here are my stats from last night –

  • Mile 1     10:32
  • Mile 2     10:44
  • Mile 3     10:28
  • Mile .93   10:42

2 Responses

  1. Was Smokey home when you got back after the Clinic?? I was bummed to miss you last night after the workout but it got pretty chilly so I knew you guys were probably anxious to get back.
    I’m glad you and Jennifer ran together!!

    I to chuckle when I read what you said about finding one or the other of us in the bathroom… it is so true!! LOL

    I also agree about the I-pod’s..If I have mine I’m like you and only have one ear piece in.

  2. Hi Cheryl….thanks for the comment on my blog. Sounds like your pace is around the same as mine 🙂 I can never seem to find people to run with that run as slow as I do – and I can’t seem to get up at 4:30 am to run with the local running group (sigh).

    I wanted to reply to your comment about mapping out my run. I don’t know how you plan your running routes, but there is a website called Map My Run (http://www.mapmyrun.com) and you can go in there and plan a route a head of time and get the mileage without jumping in your car and driving it. I think you can even download the route to a Garmin.

    Best wishes on your training. I remember when Susan was training for Little Rock last year. This time of year is always hard to train through but after the holidays you will be ready to get things lined up again.

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