Wednesday Training

Wednesday was going to be a busy day for me, I had an appointment with my Neurologist (migraines) at 9:20 and a cut/color at 3:00, and I’m supposed to work and get in my 4 miles. Oh, and lets not forget I need to get some last minute Christmas gifts too. Well I got a call from Dianne who I had run with at the Women Can Run clinic early in year and she was meeting Melissa (coach of said clinic) at 7:30 on Wednesday at Cook’s Landing before she headed to Colorado for the Holidays. Well, sounded like this would work for me, get my 4 miles in then head over the Doc’s office and then home to work.

Left my house about 7:05, OMG, it was so foggy, people were poking along, I barely made it by 7:30, but luckily Dianne was running a little late too. We didn’t get started until about 7:40, the River Trail looked as though you were in one of those scary movies, girls walking along and some creep jumps out and slashes them up. It was really foggy. Anyway, we walked for a few minutes and then started our run, we ran east toward the soccer fields and then had to turn around, Dianne was meeting her sister-in-law at 8:10 back at our start point. Good thing we turned around when we did, of course I had to go to the bathroom. We made it back just in time to see Janet pull up, Dianne and I both used the wonderful port-a-potties and then we were off again.

Janet was doing her long run, 14 miles, it was really nice running with a different group of people, talking about different things, made the time go by quick. We kept a pretty good pace, but these huge water droplets kept falling on our heads, no rain, just the condensation from all the fog I guess, the trail looked like it had just rained, very wet.

About 8:25 I told the group I needed to turn around, so I headed back to the cars by myself, by this time the fog had started lifting, thank goodness or I would have been dragging someone back with me. We had a nice run as far as running goes. 4 miles total, 42:32 at an average pace of 10:38, heart rate average 163, max 173. I need to see someone about that, it’s too high. Calories burned 369.

When I got in my truck I looked in the mirror and GROSS – I had put on a tiny touch of makeup before I left home (I was going to see the doctor after all) and it was so wet outside my mascara had run, I looked like a raccoon! My bangs were soaking wet, my shoes were damp, I was a sight. I cranked up the heat to dry my hair and wiped the crap off my eyes, I looked like a middle aged buffoon!

Made my appointment on time, everything the same, take meds, got some more Lunesta for Glenn, they took about a pint of blood and sent me on my way. When I got home I finally realized I had a voice mail, my dang hairdresser cancelled my appointment! CRAP!! What the hell am I going to do now?? I called and the first available appointment is January 2, are you kidding me? 2 weeks away? I can’t wait 2 weeks, I look like shit as it is, I need some color in the worst way, my gray is not hiding well, it is shining in all its glory. I even dreamed about it last night, that’s how stressed I am over this hair situation. What if I was going to a party, oh guess what? I am going to a party on New Year’s Eve, next door, yes, it’s just next door, but there will still be photos taken. So, if I was a hairdresser and I was sick and I had to cancel say, 7-10 appointments, would I try and get those 7-10 people in ASAP? Would I come in early or work late? HELL YES, they are my customers, they can go somewhere else. I’m seriously considering finding someone else, as bad as I hate to, I love how she colors my hair, but DAMN IT, I can’t wait 2 more weeks. HELP ME!!!!!

Enough of that whiny crap, at least I did get some work done, since that’s what they pay me to do during the work week 🙂 And I also went out and did a little Christmas shopping last night, only got a couple of things, still need to find something else for my Mom and Stephanie, I’m just stumped. I think a spa package for Stephanie and my Mom, UGH.


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad you were able to get your run in early…and with new people… it is always fun to have a variety of people to run with.
    If you need the number for a new hairdresser I recommend Allison, she really is great.
    You really do need to find out what if going on with your heart rate!!!

  2. OMG — you need your own show!

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