Thursday Crap Day

I did want to get in a run on Thursday, but so much is going on I never did.  Stephanie’s LEEP procedure was scheduled for 2pm at the UAMS Women’s Clinic, I knew before we even got there it would take forever and I needed to drop my expense report at the UPS Store another long wait I assumed since it is almost Christmas.

First off, I had to work, it really is hard to get all my personal crap done while trying to work.  Sheila, the only person left from the merger of my old company, needed some help on projects she was working on and I knew she was getting ready for vacation, so needless to say I agreed to help.  Around noon I started getting ready to leave, where are the cats, snacks, magazines, stuff for UPS, etc.  Left my house around 1pm and headed to the UPS store, it wasn’t busy, but the owner came out and I explained I wanted to send my package UPS Ground, “oh, we don’t do that here, only 2nd day or Express” WHAT?  He said he is a franchise and he only does the 2nd day and Express as a courtesy, if I want Ground service I need to drive out to the Airport.  You’ve got to be kidding me.  What a load of Horse Shit!!  Our new company has an account with UPS and I could have sent it 2nd day air and I actually went back inside and asked the teenage kid behind the counter how much it would cost, $14.50, oh crap, I don’t know if the “Company” would approve of me sending my expense report in 2nd day when I can go to the Post Office for less than $5.00.   So being thrifty I headed to the Post Office on JFK, it was a little busier than the UPS store.  I spent 5.25 for Priority Mail with a Delivery Confirmation and it will arrive on Saturday.    You can bitch and complain all you want about the Postal Service, but for around $5.00 my package will be there in 2 days, AMAZING.

Next, it was off to the Clinic, I had tried to call Stephanie a couple of times and she wouldn’t answer.  I was worried she would bail on the procedure because on Wednesday she said she didn’t want to go and she didn’t want to pay for it.  She doesn’t have insurance and Medicaid/Medicare doesn’t cover the procedure for some unknown reason.  She hasn’t followed through on getting a discount from the clinic by filing a Medicaid denied form and it’s driving me insane.  She also hasn’t even sent them $20.00 either, which drives me insane too.  As I’m sitting in the parking lot my phone rings about 10 till 2, she’s on her way.  Shock and dismay, I explained to her that if she doesn’t have this procedure it can lead to Cancer which can lead to DEATH.  Which is worse, the procedure or Cancer?  It’s so hard trying to make your children see the big picture, all they can see is the moment that’s right in front of them, not next week or next year, certainly not the rest of their lives.

We did have to wait forever, it was not nearly as crowded today as it has been in our last couple of visits, but they finally called us back at 3:30.  Since she had already had the biopsy and it was so painful I know she was scared, but this procedure they numb the area (cervix) before they do all the nasty stuff.  Yes the injection might hurt a little, but nothing compared to that biopsy.  Tears were shed even before the procedure began.  I sat behind a curtain and the Doc and Nurse kept telling her, relax, just relax, it will be much easier.  Easy for them to say.  It didn’t take that long for the procedure, 15 minutes max, it was the preparation and all that crap that makes it seem like forever.  We go back in a month for the results and then she has to have a Pap ever 3 months for a year, which Medicaid should cover.  I’m glad that part is over, hopefully they got all those bad cells and she won’t have to do that again.  She worked last night, I hope it went okay, I haven’t talked to her this morning, she loves her sleep.

I hadn’t eaten any lunch, thank goodness I packed those snacks.  I ate a few crackers on my way home.  Stopped at Wicks & Wax to look for another Christmas gift, that’s a great shop, they gave me a little sampling of their Wassail, yummy, I would have bought some, but of course they were out.  They had all their Department 56 stuff 1/2 price.  I don’t collect that stuff, but found an adorable ornament that I didn’t even realize was 1/2 price.  I may go back today, yeah right, busy day today to.

Got home around 5:45 and fed cats, then Glenn got home and I told him I needed to get in the attic to get the wrapping paper, I haven’t wrapped one gift yet.  Of course he had smart remarks, like I don’t like you going up there, you could fall through on my car or knock my bicycle over.  He had to escort me to the ladder and follow me up to the attic, he saw some wrapping paper right by the stairs, I have no idea where it came from, and said why don’t you use this?  I replied, I don’t like it and I have no idea where it came from, it’s ugly.  He replied, well let’s shit can it then.  I said, fine by me.  And then he goes off on this tangent about how wasteful I am by not using the wrapping paper.  I had other paper I was going to use, I didn’t like the paper, I was never going to use it, he can shove it where the sun doesn’t shine as far as I’m concerned.  So, he gets mad, I mean mad, I said, you’re getting mad over wrapping paper – he says – You’re being wasteful, I reminded him that he was the one who wanted to shit can it, I could use it in packing boxes or whatever, but I wasn’t using it to wrap Christmas gifts to take to my Mother’s house.  He was mad until we went to bed.  He is so bitter, I think he likes being miserable.  The wrapping paper is in the trash.  I told him he could wrap my presents in it if he wanted to use the paper, he said, you’re not getting any presents.  BAH HUMBUG

Next thing was I about killed Georgie, I was making a sandwich and putting my lunchmeat back in the fridge and bam, his head was in the door. OUCH, poor baby, I could have broke his neck.  It made me sick to my stomach, he ran off and went under the bed, I couldn’t get him to come out.  I finally got Rocky back in the house and then Georgie came out, he was fine, just startled I guess.  He did sleep with me so I guess he’s not too mad at me for trying to kill him.  That’s 2 of his lives gone now.

My neighbor and I are going to run at 10 am today, 4 miles over at Lakewood, and then today is going to be a whirlwind, tomorrow is Stephanie’s birthday and Christmas at my Mother’s, plus 16 miles with the Little Rock Marathon training group.  Holy Crap.


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  1. Jeez – could you fit in ONE MORE THING????

    It has been quite an adventure for you, I can tell!

    Merry Christmas.

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