First 16 miler

WOW – with the company of my running buds Annette and Michele, oh and of course the entire Little Rock Marathon training group, I completed my first 16 miler yesterday. I did wonder for a while if I could do anything past 13 miles. With injuries and sickness it seemed as though I would never get a longer run in.

I did not check the forecast before going to bed, but since it was about 57 at bedtime I laid out capri shorts, a tech tee and a long sleeve tee to wear over that, when I got out of bed I stepped outside and it was still pretty warm and the outside thermometer said 50. I’m always worried about being too cold, but 50 degrees was going to be perfect. Annette and Michele arrived around 5:35 and I was hoping my neighbor LeAnn was going to be showing up any second, we had run 4 miles on Friday and she said if she was up she would go with us. One thing that kind of worried me was rain, when I met Annette and Michelle at the door it was misting rain, Annette said it was condensation not rain? Anyway I grabbed a hat and got one for Michele too, can’t run with water running in my eyes. Really don’t want to run in the rain at all. We actually were a little late heading out, but arrived right on time, 6:00 at the Arts Center for our full page turn by turn instructions and off we went in the “condensation” not rain.  It did stop “condensating” on us at some point and to me was good running weather.

This was the third rotation for this route in the Little Rock Marathon Training, just never this far, the first couple of miles were at an easy pace and then Annette said her stomach wasn’t feeling well, she wanted to find a restroom. I knew from looking at the route and being of part of the route before, it might be a while, I also knew how she was feeling, it’s a horrible feeling to have your stomach start messing with you a couple of miles into a run and you can’t do a thing about it. We took a few walk breaks which ended up saving us at the end. Around mile 5 or 6, not even sure where, we found a gas station. I had been telling Annette I knew where this gas station was on Markham, we were so thankful just to see it in the distance. I knew how much better she would feel just knowing there WAS a restroom to go to. Then the bad news – NO PUBLIC RESTROOM. Of all the luck, I thought how can this be? But, Annette went in by herself and some how convinced the man to let her use the facilities. Michele and I kind of stayed out of his eyesight outside and waited. You could see the relief in Annette’s face when she came out, we were off again!

Now it was time for THE HILL we were running on part of the Little Rock Marathon course and now it was UP Kavanuagh, what a long hill, it was never ending, well it leveled out in Hillcrest for a bit and then it was UP again at Mount St Mary’s School, but Kudos to the three of us, we ran up the entire route. We made one pit stop on the level part in Hillcrest so I could take some Tylenol (thanks Michele), but we pushed on. I can’t believe we ran the entire hill, not fast mind you, but we did not walk it. After we crossed Cantrell road we filled up our water bottles, this was about the half way point, YEA!!!

I thought we would pretty much be done with the hills, boy was I wrong, we had several more good hills to run up, all through the Heights and Cammack Village, those were especially hard, I think because we had just run up Kavanuagh and at this point I was getting hungry. I tried to eat a Luna Moon, but it was making me nauseated, so was my Nuun in my water, just getting tired. Once we got through all the back streets and got back on Kavanaugh I was thinking at least it will be downhill until we get finished. And it pretty much was, what was amazing is how long it took us to go down Kavanaugh, we RAN UP this hill – WOW.

Once we got on Markham, this was going to be a long run, we were about mile 13-14, so Markham was going to go all the way into the River Market somewhere on Markham around Chester or that area I heard someone holler “Annette” I thought I was delirious, but no, it was Susan from Benton, I think she was at her office?  We went over and said Hi, it was a nice break, we only had 1.5 miles to go, she also was kind enough to add some water to my bottle, Thank you Susan!  It was great to see her, she said she had been watching for us, that was so nice!

1.5 miles to go, can you believe it, we have almost made it!  I was proud of myself, I had never run this far, but I was really feeling the pain, my right foot was killing me, right where my big toe bends, I had to stop in Hillcrest again and Michele had given me some Bio-Freeze to put on it, that helped for a bit, but now it was screaming – Stop running – Also all butt and quads were feeling every miles, I could keep going, but they were starting to talk too.

We were now in downtown Little Rock and according to my Garmin we only had half a mile to go, impossible, our car was further away than that.  The River Market was blocks away and  then we were probably a half a mile away.  Michele had already hit 16 miles.  She is little Miss Speedy, she would run ahead of us and then run back to us, so she got in some extra mileage yesterday.   When we got to the River Market we turned on Commerce then right on Capital, and then left on Cumberland, Michelle was about 2 blocks in front of us, when Annette and I were on Cumberland headed for 9th street my Garmin went off, 16 miles!!!  Holy Crap!!  I did it!!  Woo Hoo!! Save the Day!!  Thanks again to Annette and Michele and the entire Little Rock Training Group. I like going out there and running with the group, I get my run in early and they are always encouraging.  But I especially love it when my friends go. 🙂

Here are the muscle aching stats – actually only my quads are a little sore today, feel good!

16.11 miles        3:09:42      Average pace 11:46          Calories 1487     AHR 161 Max 178

  1. 11:16
  2. 10:54
  3. 14:19
  4. 12:07
  5. 12:47
  6. 11:08
  7. 11:58
  8. 11:42
  9. 11:21
  10. 12:08
  11. 11:42
  12. 10:36
  13. 11:21
  14. 10:36
  15. 12:36
  16. 11:47

2 Responses

  1. Excellent stats, Cheryl!!!! I will happily cheer for you on the big day, too!

    Yes, I was at work yesterday (and I am right now, too — grrrr!)

  2. Cheryl – GREAT job on your first 16-miler. I was in Kentucky yesterday visiting family but Annette text messaged me about the run. Rest up and enjoy your accomplishment.

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