Christmas Eve Run

Ah, Christmas Eve, no snow for us, but it was quite chilly in the morning.  Georgie had a return vet appointment at 8:00am, yes I know, they were open?  Yes, till noon.  I was a little early and they weighed Georgie, he is now a whopping 2.6 pounds, up from 3 weeks ago when he was a mere 1.8 pounds.  He was so good in the carrier, never a peep, once we were in the exam room I put him in my lap, where he was an excellent kitty.  The assistant came in and said Doc was running late, did I want the girls to give Georgie his shot, NO, I want the Doc.  I guess it wouldn’t have been any big deal, but Georgie has been sneezing and I wasn’t sure if he should have his shot.  The Dr. was only about 15 minutes late and did decide not to give Georgie his shot, but sent us home with antibiotics and a return visit in 2 weeks.

Once we got back home I had to work, I’m not sure why I didn’t take today off, I have plenty of PTO time, I guess I’m getting forgetful in my middle aged years.  I have a project I’m helping with and I wanted to get the biggest part of it done.  I checked the weather forecast and saw where it was going to be in the 50’s sometime around 2pm, sounds like a perfect time for my 4 miles.  I also planned to knock off for the day at 2 since the corporate office was shutting down at 3pm EST.

I called LeAnn to see if she wanted to go to Lakewood, she was at the mall she might be back in time and would call if things turned out that way.  I thought for sure she wouldn’t make it back in time.  The Mall on Christmas Eve had to be a nightmare.  I actually needed to get something else for Stephanie, thought I might get up there after my run.  LeAnn did make it back and we headed to Lakewood at 2pm for 4 miles.

It was a nice sunny day to run, 50ish or so temperature wise, really perfect weather, I had long sleeves and long pants on, which was good for me.  I can see Annette or Brenda in the same weather with shorts and a tee on :).  We found a good 4 mile loop on Friday and did the same today, we took 2 or 3 walk breaks whenever LeAnn needed to, I’m just glad she is out running again.  I think this will get her to the Little Rock half Marathon anyway.  We were faster than we were on Friday, which is always a good thing.  4 miles at an average of 11:24 per mile.  After our run I took her to Starbuck’s and introduced her to Mocha Light Frappuccino, yummy, cool, refreshing and not fattening either.   It was nice to spend a little girl time with LeAnn, she’s been cooped up with all boys at her house, I told her how she reminded me and Annette of Julie on the Biggest Loser, not weight wise, but her personality and facial expressions.  I hope it didn’t hurt her feelings.

Once I got home I had gotten an email from work and had to make sure everyone was happy before logging off for Christmas, by the time I was done, Glenn was getting home.  Nothing special going on around here for Christmas Eve, I didn’t want to go to the grocery store so we ended up eating Fish Sticks and Broccoli, who knows what we’ll find for tomorrow.  I did have a wonderful piece of Key Lime Pie for desert, best part of the day.

We watched Madagascar and went to bed, hope your Christmas Eve was just as exciting as mine.  Have a Merry Christmas!


2 Responses

  1. Merry Christmas!!!!

    I love The Biggest Loser, although not as much as I used to. It seems like the whole show is the weigh-in these days! But I love it.

    We had a good one around here. Maybe I shall get out for a trot with Santa today…

  2. Merry Christmas Cheryl. Now I feel guilty for not getting a run in yesterday or today!

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