Thursday night Flyer Training

Our normal Tuesday night running clinic was changed to Thursday night due to Christmas and New Year’s. I really, really, did not want to go, Dennis always sends out the workout before hand and it was hill repeats, yuck. I had not been outside all day, it was dreary, my handy dandy thermometer said it was around 40 degrees and everything looked wet, either from the rain we got the day before or from the fog still hanging around all day.

The only good thing about going to the running clinic was wearing my new Christmas presents. I was styling, but freezing my ass off still. I wore my new Brooks pants with a pair of shorts underneath, my new Brooks hoodie with a shirt underneath, my new Brooks headband, with a baseball cap on, my new blinky light, new socks, and old gloves. I thought I would be warm enough once we got started. I got to the school at little early and when I stepped out of my truck – Holy Crap – the wind almost drove me back home! I’m serious, I thought, what the hell are you doing here, AND it was misting rain, or was it just “condensation” as Annette likes to call it πŸ™‚ I heard on the radio just before I got there it was 37 degrees, but the wind…..

We took off right at 6pm for a 1-2 mile warm up run, it was me, Annette and Jennifer in a pack, we were running straight into the wind, my face was freezing, hell, my whole body was freezing! We had to take a detour over to Annette’s sisters house for a quick bathroom break which got us out of the wind for a bit, WOW, the difference when you are not running straight into the wind! After our quick break it was back over to THE HILL for our 7-10 repeats.

Dennis had given us specific instructions about running up the steep MF, don’t lean forward, shorten your stride, if your inside thigh groin area hurts stop, use your arms. But, let me tell you, it was tough!! After a couple of repeats, I was breathing hard, and didn’t want to do anymore. But, we kept going. Dennis was watching our form the whole time, he would give us pointers or pull people aside from time to time. He pulled Annette aside after 6 repeats and told her she looked like she was running in mud and she needed to stop. She had been to a body sculpting class and her legs were shot, but she ran on the flats until Kelly, Jennifer and I were done with our 9 repeats, yes 9, we only had to do 7, but we did 9. Yea for us! We actually had just finished 8 when Coach Dennis said as we were going DOWN the hill “hey, you girls wave at me when you start up on your next one” so he kind of guilted us in to doing the 9th one. It was the hardest one of all, and of course we had to keep our form just perfect, because we waved on our way up and we knew he was watching, just like Santa!

The four of us started our trek back to the school to get the heck out of the cold, wind and “condensation”, but wait, what the hell happened to the wind, it had mysteriously stopped. Weird. Ended up with just over 4 miles, not too bad considering all the damn hills.

Tomorrow is to be a long run, another 16 miler, not really looking forward to that. The low tonight is 28, holy cow, face freeze!! Instead of running with the Little Rock Marathon training group at 6am in exciting Maumelle, I think we are going to start in the River Market and go on the River Trail so we can end up back at the River Market, we really enjoyed that last time (not the running part) the Boulevard bread part πŸ™‚ I think we are going to try for around 7am so at least the sun will be up. I don’t have any big plans for tomorrow, so unlike last weekend when I get finished with the 16 miles I can relax and maybe motivate myself to clean out a closet or something.


2 Responses

  1. Cheryl,

    You know how you don’t think I get cold while running – well, I can honestly say when we took off at last night’s clinic I was FREEZING and miserable. Heading out one direction it was really bad and the other direction was fine – the wind makes a HUGE difference.

    Good luck tomorrow – I am doing 14 in Cabot. If we finish in time I may try to meet you guys for coffee. I will call Annette’s cell phone if I think I can make it.


  2. Way to go, Cheryl! And I hope the longrun went well, too.

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