Another 16 miler, well almost

Does 14.84 count as 16 miles, you bet your ass it does. I did not feel the need to add on an extra mile at the end, why? wasn’t that enough? didn’t we freeze our asses off enough? there was a delicious sugar free latte waiting for us, just feet away, there was no way in hell I was adding another mile on. As you can see I’m not a stickler for mileage, I have running buddies who are, they would just go into convulsions if we didn’t get exactly 16 miles, not me, I’m good.

Annette came to my house yesterday morning around 6:30, we had decided to forgo the Little Rock marathon training at 6 am and do our own route starting at the River Market at 7am, seemed more civilized and of course Boulevard Bread as our reward when we finished. Kelly wanted to run with us, but not 16 miles so we were going to meet her at the Skate Park on the River Trail at 7:45, kind of hard to figure out exactly what time we would get there since we really didn’t know how far away it was, we were thinking around 4 miles.

Well, number 1 it was freaking freezing outside, 27 degrees to be exact, number 2 we both had to make a bathroom stop before we started running. Once we started running it was already 7:20. We called Kelly and told her we may be late to the Skate Park, probably around 8. Then we started running, it was so cold, we had on plenty of layers, but my face, toes and hands were still cold, my face especially. I couldn’t wait to feel the sun, but it hadn’t quite got to us yet, it was a beautiful morning, very still, no wind, but oh so chilly.

We made it to the Skate Park just as Kelly was pulling in, perfect timing, it was a lot shorter distance than we thought, less than 3 miles. When we ran this route before with the Little Rock Marathon training group we had taken a longer route that’s why we had no idea how far it was. We used the port-a-potty, no fun, I shed my sleeves out of my new jacket, gobbled some Luna Moons and some water and we were off again. We stayed there a little too long cause I was getting cold again.

It was nice to have Kelly to run with, she was all energized, Annette and I both seemed sluggish, I really was not into it, I felt worse than I did last Saturday for sure. Of course the cold didn’t help, I hate winter and last week was about 30 degrees warmer. We didn’t see a lot of people on the River Trail until we reached the Dog Park, then we saw a group of Hot Legs people, I know a couple of them from the Women Can Run Clinic and Annette knows Melissa from Sherwood Fest. It was nice to see familiar faces. Everyone was bundled up, but by this time the sun was feeling good! Oh, I forgot to mention, when we got to the Skate Park the wind started blowing, really pissed me off, it was so still the first 3 miles then BAM, wind.

We trudged along till we reached the Big Dam Bridge, that’s where our turn around was going to be, I was hoping we would have 8 miles at this point, but we didn’t, oh well, didn’t care. Yes, we could have run over the bridge and gotten the damned mile, but I didn’t want to, I was tired and ready to head back. I had started out the day with my new hydration belt which I had packed with some new gel, Carb Boom Strawberry Kiwi I think, yummy, it was so good, I ate almost the whole thing and I usually don’t like that stuff, Kelly and Annette ate some Sports Beans or whatever they had and we were on our way back. Yippee!!

Of course on our way back it was much slower, faster at first, then slow, lots more walk breaks. Just one mile at a time, I kept telling myself. Annette and I walked up the hills, and Kelly was a machine, she ran up every one of them, little miss speedy! Once we reached Kelly’s car I knew we had less than 3 miles to go. We can make that can’t we?

Brenda was going to meet us at Boulevard Bread after her 14 mile run in Cabot, she called Annette’s phone letting us know she was already there when we were still about 20 minutes out, I think. I could see the Broadway bridge, but once again I had no idea how far away it was. We had to get to the bridge, cross the Arkansas River and run down 4 or 5 blocks to get to where Brenda was, how long does that take? We had to stop at a couple of traffic signals, but I think we made it in about 15 minutes, maybe. Who knows. We ran until we got to the door of the Restaurant, which Annette’s Garmin said 14.84, that’s what we are going with, not 16, but none the less, a long run.

We were really happy to see Brenda, and really happy to see Coffee and Food too!! It was nice to sit and talk about our running adventures and other girl crap. We took Kelly back to the Skate Park for her car, she had a good run today! Better than Annette and I did.

Annette and I stopped at Russell Honda in Sherwood to take a peek at a Honda CR-V she was thinking about buying, very cute. I bet she bought it last night, be sure and check out her blog, she also took a couple of pictures yesterday on our run. Here are our unimpressive stats from yesterday. Except we beat our pace from last week.

14.84 miles 2:45:42 Average pace 11:30, average pace improvement over last Saturday Avg Heart Rate 157 Max 173 Calories burned 1319

  1. 10:42
  2. 11:29
  3. 10:33
  4. 11:14
  5. 11:31
  6. 10:59
  7. 11:53
  8. 11:19
  9. 11:33
  10. 12:34
  11. 12:15
  12. 11:11
  13. 12:02
  14. 12:11
  15. 10:46

2 Responses

  1. Those are some darn impressive stats, my friend! WOW! You are going to rock the LR Marathon!

    I am one of those stickler people. 16.00 for me.

    But not this weekend! Ha. My training will resule on January 9th. I have been “on a break” for four weeks now and I have been enjoying it!

  2. Excellent (almost) 16 miles! When is the LR marathon? All my husband’s family lives there – I might have to run that one.

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