Blustery Day

I needed to get 4 miles in today, the forecast called for highs near 60, Yippee, but windy. I ran into Leann yesterday in the cul-de-sac and she wants to run too, but she called and canceled. Oh well, it’s the last day of the year and I CAN go by myself, so I checked the forecast around noon and it was 60 degrees with 19 mph winds, holy crap! and the forecast was for the winds to get stronger as the afternoon progressed.

Unfortunately for me I had been stuffing my face with anything I could find, leftover steak from Outback, the last piece of key lime pie from Christmas, chocolate from Glenn’s stocking, Gummi Bears from Glenn’s stocking, pretzels, a granola bar and coffee, yes I was little Miss Piggy before noon. I found out from my boss I have to make a trip to Yorktown Heights, NY next week, I am not amused. It’s cold there. I have to fly into JFK airport, that’s like right by NYC, I don’t want to drive in that mess, isn’t that why everyone gets a cab? So that’s the reason for my binge eating this morning, stress.

I decided by 1:30 my stomach would be somewhat back to normal so I threw on my worst clothes, capri shorts, tech long sleeve top, greasy hair and unshaven legs and headed to Lakewood for a lonesome depressing run by myself. Just as I was getting out of my vehicle Dianne from the Clinic I went to in February pulls up right beside me, and guess what? yes, she wants to run 4 miles too. I’m really glad we ran together, it went by much faster. We had also seen her on the River Trail on Saturday, she was out doing her long run too, but she actually made it to 16 miles 🙂

Dianne had a different 4 mile loop than I had, I didn’t care, I just wanted to be out of the wind, that was impossible. We were about 3/4 of a mile out when I had to go to the bathroom, damn food. So we had to make a shortcut over to the Old Mill and then we got started again. The wind was really picking up, it seemed as though an invisible hand was holding you back, it was really tough in some places. Dianne ended up with 4 miles, but I only got 3.86, average pace 11:22. Slow.

Here is another thing I’m pissed about – my sheets not fitting on my bed. This really pisses me off in the mornings when I make the bed. I spend a ton of money on sheets that are supposed to fit mattresses up to 19″, my mattress is only 18″, I wash according to package instructions, but no, they don’t fit, they fit when you first put them on, but during the night they come off at least one corner. Maybe I just don’t know how to make a bed.

Oh, it just keeps getting better, I had some meatballs in the crock pot to take to a party next door, just went to check on them, I forgot to plug the SOB in. CRAP!!!


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  1. Oh my Cheryl what a day!!! I hope it got better and that you are enjoying a cocktail at the neighbor’s house!

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