Quick Wednesday run

I made a quick trip over to Lakewood for a 3 mile run this afternoon, it was a bit windy, but NOTHING like yesterday, I think the temperature today was around 40-45, but the sun was out and that made a big difference.  It was another solitary run, I made three loops around Lake #3 and two around the peninsula which gave me a little over 3 miles at a much better pace than Monday!

My leg feels much better until I start running, this is how it feels, on the inside of my thigh bone, from my pelvis to about mid thigh, that’s where the pain is, as I run longer it seems to migrate over to my hip flexor, or outside thigh, not really my hip flexor because the pain is a little lower than that.  By the time I was going into mile 3 it wasn’t hurting as bad, but when I stopped it was really hurting.  Right now, 2 hours later, it’s fine.  I’ve considering going to my GP or my Ortho doc, but they will order a bunch of expensive tests and I’m not sure I’m at that point yet.

I had a bone density test in December which revealed some osteopenia in my right hip, the radiologist who administered the test also said I have a little scoliosis in my lower back that could give me some trouble with back pain, hmmm, maybe I’ll call her and see  if this leg pain is related to either one of those, she seemed very knowledgeable  and she used to run.

3.04 miles    Avg pace 10:20    Calories 283    Avg HR 158 Max 173

  1. 10:40
  2. 10:15
  3. 10:04

Solitary Run and being grossed out

Since I’m back home this week, yippee, I’m back on track with my training schedule, this week its 4, 3, 4, 3, off, 14, off, but I may do 20 on Saturday depending on how I feel later in the week. As you may know I’m training for the Little Rock Marathon and it is less than 5 weeks away, so I would like to get in two 20 milers before then even though my schedule only calls for one.

Yesterday I was working for home and things were pretty slow so I decided to head over to one of my favorite running spots, Lakewood, temperature outside was around 50, perfect, but it was a little windy and no sun. I made one loop around the lake and went to the facilities, Lakewood Property Owners have a very nice bathroom and I’m sorry to say that someone purposefully pooped all over stall one and the trash can, oh my gosh, it was horrible. I opened the door (okay this is gross) and what I noticed was on the bowl of the toilet finger smears all across the front, I’ll let you imagine what they used to smear their fingers across the bowl. Okay, shut the door and went to the handicap stall, yes there was toilet paper, there always is, tinkled, washed my hands, and noticed the poop in the trash can right by the door, I was literally gagging, turned my head got my paper towels and used them to open the door, I have to say that image has not left me. Why would someone do something like that? It was totally disgusting and uncalled for. I worked in a bar in my early twenties as a single mom and had to clean the bathrooms on Saturday mornings, I saw some pretty horrible things there too, I remember someone pooped right on the toilet seat instead of in the toilet. People are gross.

Okay back to the run, if you have been reading my blog at all you know I have been having this unknown pain in my inside thigh/groin area, it got much better for Saturdays long run, but sort of moved to my quad, not a sore muscle, but just a pain. Yesterday when I was running I noticed it again, it’s almost like deep in my bone, I can’t even pinpoint the area, sort of joint, thigh bone, deep down pain. But, I ran through it, I wasn’t running fast just a nice slow 4 miles, it was a very solitary run, but I was just glad that I could run outside instead of on a dreadmill in New York State. I only saw one other person running, which is kind of unusual for that area.

As far as my leg pain if anyone has any ideas on that, please share. I will tell you that I know it’s not a muscle pain, I can push and poke and never cause myself to say OUCH. It hurts when I just walk too, not unbearable or anything, but if there are some sort of stretches or exercises I could do…..

Tonight is our Tuesday Night Flyers Running Clinic, I’ve missed the last three weeks, I’m sort of looking forward to going back, EXCEPT, will be at the track tonight 😦 Maybe I’ll ask Coach Dennis about my leg, he knows everything about running.

4 miles Avg pace 10:59 Y es, I know, very slow……at least I was out there running!

  1. 11:06
  2. 10:59
  3. 10:42
  4. 11:08

How are you supposed feel while running long runs?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot since it’s getting close to the Little Rock Marathon and I’ve been doing a long run every weekend, how is your body supposed to feel while running long runs? When does the tiredness kick in or should it at all? Does it hurt to pick up your knees like in a high knee? Do you feel like you can’t run another step 4 or 5 miles out and you are just miserable? Should you take a stretch break at some point? These are questions that go through my mind all the time. Since I’ve never run a marathon I don’t know the answers and I’m afraid, very afraid that either I haven’t trained long enough or I haven’t done enough endurance training and here’s why.

After I run around 10 – 12 miles I’m pooped, tired, legs are heavy as lead pipes, I start slowing down, my glutes start hurting, my quads start hurting, my feet are screaming, just in general, tired. I’m doing my nutrition like I think I should, but maybe I’m doing something wrong, or maybe I’m not and everyone feels this way.

Before I head out on my long run I eat a granola bar and drink some water or a few chugs of a Diet Coke too, and then around 4 miles I take a Carb-Boom, around mile 8-10 more Carb-Boom or Luna Moons and water with all nutrition, actually I use Nuun tablets in my water, so it’s never just water. Then depending on how far we are running I might do some more Luna Moons and water, but sometimes I can’t force myself to do the last fuel because I’m nauseated.

I really want to know how other people feel after the halfway point in their long runs, for the last two weeks I have really struggled, I know part of it has been my lack of runs during the week, but that can’t be all of it. Maybe I’m taking on a marathon too soon in my running life. I’ve only been running consistently about 18 months

I’m really unsure about doing a 20 miler, the Cruisers are doing one this coming Saturday, but the following weekend the Little Rock Marathon Training group is doing one, so maybe I should do the 14 this weekend and then the 20 on February 9th, right now, I’m thinking, how the heck can your legs do 20 miles?


Can I get a 20 miler please?

The elusive 20 mile run, that’s what today was supposed to be, but it didn’t happen, I could only eek out a mere 16 miles.  I guess I was lucky to get the 16.  Since I’ve been out of town for the past 3 weeks my long runs on Saturday have been suffering, or that’s what I’m blaming it on.  I only got in 5 miles on the dreadmill this week in New York and then up at 6 am on Saturday to punish myself with 18 to 20 miles, I don’t think that’s how it’s supposed to work, and it’s not.

Since we had icy conditions yesterday afternoon Annette suggested we run in Cabot this morning instead of meeting the Little Rock Marathon Training Group at the River Trail.  The Cabot Cruisers were doing a 10 mile loop at 7am so we were going to try and get in 5 or 6 before they even started, good plan.

I pulled into the school right behind Annette, she said Michele was going to meet us there and she pulled in shortly after.  We started running almost immediately, not much of a warm up at all, maybe 20 feet.  We were running very slow to start out which was fantastic with me, like I said, I had only run 5 miles all week and I didn’t want to aggravate my leg pain which has been feeling much better.  In our first mile Annette started having stomach problems, she said she didn’t get up early enough to take care of “things”.  We were on a route that took us by a port-a-potty, so while she took care of “things” Michele and I continued to do loops in a little subdivision.

We didn’t complain much about the cold, I’m guessing it was around 30 degrees, but compared to last weekend it was warm.  We started making our way back toward the school to meet up with the Cruisers around 6:35.  Once we got back to the school we only had 3.6 miles, our well laid plan was a little shy of 5 or 6 miles, this was very unfortunate, I knew it would be harder to add on at the end.  We said goodbye to Michele, she was happy with 4 miles that she made up in the parking lot while Annette and I ran over to the gas station for a pit stop.

It was a pretty large group that took off at 7am, probably 15 people or so, I had never run this far with them before or on this route.  We headed west on 321 and then up First Street or Front Street, now it’s a blur.  We hit some icy patches on First Street, Joan and Debbie were in front of us and they would holler back at us “Ice”, which we could see, they would be sliding along, it was pretty funny to watch.  But, it was nice of them to think of us girls at the back of the pack!

We made another stop at Annette’s house which is off of First Street, I sat down for a minute, which was a big mistake, I got really stiff, it was hard to get moving again.  We finally made it to 10 miles somewhere in the Metropolis of Cabot and then headed over to the High School and we were on the downhill slide to our finish.  I kept feeling those nagging pains everywhere, my butt, my hip flexor on my left, my feet, just everything was really starting to hurt.

I did much better on my fuel today, but it didn’t help with the aches and pains, I took a couple of Advil at 7am and wanted to take more, but didn’t.  Around mile 13 I started to the old man shuffle, I couldn’t run much, it was faster than walking and I really can’t believe we made it to 16.  Annette kept pushing me to take these side jaunts to add mileage, to tell you the truth, I didn’t want to, but I did, I needed the long run, but do you have to run to get those miles, that’s crazy!

We went behind a School about mile 14.5 and had to go through some wooded area, I started hearing raindrops, I think I was hallucinating, I kept hearing them even when we got out of the woods, but I didn’t see any droplets on the sidewalk or road, very strange.

Annette had gotten a call around mile 14 that everyone was heading to Breakfast and she  told them to go ahead and don’t wait on us.  We finished up our 16, I don’t know how, filled up both our vehicles and used the bathroom AGAIN, and headed to The Diner, where I thought I would pass out before I got any food, it was the longest time I have ever waited on food, but it was delicious, biscuits and sausage gravy, yummy.  I treated myself and I rarely eat anything like that, but I was so glad I did.

I guess I will try again next week for the elusive 20 miler, I don’t have but about 5 weeks to my marathon, so I really need to get a couple in, don’t you think?? 🙂

16 miles    3:10:26    Avg pace 11:54    Calories 1467    Avg HR 156 Max HR 174

  1. 12:10
  2. 11:51
  3. 11:18
  4. 11:03
  5. 10:59
  6. 11:03
  7. 11:43
  8. 11:49
  9. 11:04
  10. 12:34
  11. 12:27
  12. 11:21
  13. 12:36
  14. 13:19
  15. 13:05
  16. 12:00

Rocky in kitty heaven 1-21-2008

Glenn just called me, he found Rocky dead under our bed.  Poor kitty, he was still not eating this weekend and Glenn was going to take him back to the Vet tomorrow.  I’m really sad, I love my cats and I’m really going to miss Rocky, even though he was scared of his own shadow and was not a lap cat, but he was a sweet cat, skittish, but sweet.  He would occasionally sit right beside me on the couch or lay beside me in bed, but hardly ever sit in my lap. 

Rocky was a rescued kitty, in July of 2002 I was walking to my car on my way to work and out of the corner of my eye I saw something laying by the side of the street.  I walked over and it was a kitten, I thought it was already dead, but when I touched it with my shoe it moved.  I went in the house and got a box and put the kitten in the box and took it straight to the vet’s office in Lonoke, it had some blood around it’s mouth and was not moving much.  I didn’t want to keep the kitten, I was just doing the right thing, but the vet wouldn’t look at the kitty unless I was going to “take care of it”.  Of course I would, what was I going to say, no?  I called later in the day and they said he was fine, just in shock, they weren’t sure what had happened to him, probably thrown out of a car or mistreated and tossed aside.  His right leg had nerve damage, he always hobbled a bit, but he learned to use it pretty good.

So, that’s the story of how I came to be Rocky’s mom and now he’s gone.  I just feel so sad that I’m not home to pet him and tell him how much I’ll miss him.  He was in my closet this morning laying on a blanket, his hideout of choice since he’s been sick this last week, I was worried he wasn’t drinking any water so I sat in the floor and he licked some water off my fingers.  I rubbed him and told him I loved him before I left, but I never thought he was going to die today.  He was purring away like he always does when he’s petted, such a sweet kitty. 

It just won’t be the same when I get home on Friday, I told Glenn yesterday, what if the reason Georgie came into our lives was because we were going to lose Rocky?  I really thought that and that’s exactly what happened.  He laughed at me when I said it yesterday, but I was serious.  I should have called the vet yesterday and taken him in myself, maybe he could have given him something, maybe not, now I’ll never know.  Poor Rocky, I hope he didn’t feel bad or suffer, poor kitty.  Glenn said Rocky had a good life and he did, but it was so short, barely over 5 years, he will be missed.


Not to fun long run

Let me ask one question – what did I do wrong? Was I mean to someone and they put a hex on me or what? Yesterday my flight out of Westchester County New York, beautiful day, started by me leaving the office at 10:15 am to catch my canceled flight at 12:30 pm, I got home last night at 10:15 pm. The details are just horrible, I will not be singing the praises of US Airways anytime soon. I’m a regular business traveler and this is the FIRST time I’ve ever had an airline agent ask me to drive to another airport, they just weren’t very helpful in getting me another flight home. So I could get home on Friday, I ended up driving to LaGuardia (saw NYC skyline), I wanted to come home and I certainly didn’t want to miss my cold long 16 mile run this morning. Now that the run is over, maybe I should have stayed in New York.

My long run this morning was supposed to be 18 miles, but I just couldn’t do it, my ass was dragging at 16. Annette and Michele picked me up at Academy Sports at 5:30 am and we were off to the meet spot on Rahling Road in Little Rock.

As usual the Little Rock Marathon Training Group was large, well over 100 people signing in and getting the route sheets the Singleton’s print out for us each week. We all knew it was going to be a hilly route, even the title of the route – Oucho Route – didn’t do it justice. The hills would have been more bearable if it hadn’t been so damned windy which made it much colder. Around 30 degrees to start and finish, winds 20mph. My butt was numb, my toes were numb and I had to keep a fleece headband around my mouth and nose for most of the route, so did Michele and Annette. You know it’s cold when Annette doesn’t shed any layers, and she didn’t shed a thing.

I just was not feeling it today, we didn’t start out fast, but we started out going up a hill within the first mile, that got my heart rate up and I just couldn’t recover. There were lots of down hils, but the up hills were too much. Just a bad running day all around, you’ll see in the stats. Oh well, last week was a good run and they all can’t be good runs I guess.

When we were at about mile 13 an older guy, I’d say around 60, was running in front of us, probably .10 of a mile on the sidewalk who fell face first, it was horrible! We all ran up to see if he was okay, he just laid there, facedown. There was a lady who said she was his wife, she had been following him after her 10 mile run, thank goodness, he finally rolled over and he had cut his forehead, bloody, he didn’t even wipe it off, he got up and started shuffling up another hill to finish his run. All three of us stayed with him for a quite a while, his wife, in the car right behind us. When we were finishing and marking our names off the list we saw him coming in. Amazing and inspirational, I don’t know if I would have finished, he said it really hurt, poor guy.

It’s back to hell next week in New York, nothing against New York, it’s just the situation, I’ve gotten fat and lazy, another reason my running probably suffered today, oh, and not sleeping last night didn’t help either.

16 miles    3:18:42    Average pace 12:25    Avg Hr 157, Max 181    Calories  1410

  1. 11:33
  2. 11:25
  3. 10:39
  4. 11:41
  5. 12:55
  6. 11:52
  7. 11:54
  8. 12:35
  9. 13:58
  10. 11:58
  11. 11:25
  12. 12:22
  13. 14:02
  14. 15:08
  15. 13:06
  16. 12:10

Dreadmill Run and no fun

It’s been a couple of days since I posted anything, but really, no news. I’m getting jiggly so I’ve started doing push-ups again, today, I was doing them regularly, but being in this cold dreary dark place has really turned my whole routine upside down. I was going to run 4 miles on the dreadmill Tuesday, but my left leg was still hurting, so I decided I would run both Wednesday and Thursday, and I did. I ran 4 miles on Wednesday and could only make myself do 3 miles today. After I run on that damn thing I wonder how the hell I made it through it. My iPod was dead too AND all the TV channels were either news or sports channels, I needed something to entertain me, like Charmed or Angel, love that crap early in the mornings. And funny I’ve never watched either one of those shows unless I’ve been on the road.

I’ve made Boston Market my dinner stop each night, I know what you’re thinking, but no, I get a chopped salad and have them add either chicken or turkey, delicious. But, I’m sick of that crap too, there is nothing else here except Applebees and really not that impressed with what they have to offer.

Next week I have to fly into LaGuardia on Monday and then drive about 45 minutes (for normal drivers) to Yorktown. I’m trying not to be too nervous about it, I’ll have my TomTom to point me in the right direction, hopefully.

On Saturday I have my longest run to date, 18 miles. It’s only supposed to be 16, but I sort of modified my training so I can get in two 20 mile runs prior to my marathon, instead of the one 20 miler on our training schedule. Everyone I talk to suggests doing more than one 20 miler. I looked at the forecast today and it looks like another cold run, high 20s to start our run and not much warmer when we finish. Dang it, hate the cold and I’m sick of it. We’ll have to scope out a coffee/breakfast spot for our treat afterwards.

When I talked to Glenn this morning he said Rocky was sick, throwing up and he thought he should take him to the vet since he has not been feeling good all week. The vet wasn’t sure what was wrong, but gave Rocky a shot and told him not to feed him until tomorrow morning. Glenn was going to take the food up for all the cats, but Georgie is still a kitten, he can’t go all day without food, well he can, but he shouldn’t. So, I suggested he put Rocky in our bathroom with a litterbox. Apparently that’s what he did, but didn’t shut the door good, and Rocky got out and threw up everywhere again. Poor Rocky.