First run of the new year

Annette said she was running with the Cabot Cruisers this morning at 8am, last night I thought it would be a good idea, get up and get my run out of the way.  They were slated to run 8 miles, I really didn’t want 8, but I could do 8 and then not run on Wednesday, sounded good to myself last night.

When I got up this morning I really didn’t want to go, it was windy outside, when I let Rocky out around 6am, the wind rushed in, at 6am, windy.  Not good.  I checked the forecast, at 8am it was supposed to be 35, sunny, windy, wind chill of 27.  And the bad part was the rest of the day was going to be even more windy.  What to do, what to do.  Run, not run.  Winds around 20 mph just zap your energy, what the hell was I going to do.  The forecast for tomorrow didn’t look any better and I am getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow, so decision made.  Run.

I bundled up, pretty much the same garb as Saturday since the temperature would be about the same and headed to Cabot.  I called Annette in route and asked if she had heard from Kim, I was hoping she would be there too, but she hadn’t heard from her, then I lost my cell signal because I was more than 5 miles from my house, ARG!

There was no one at the school when I got there, of course I was 20 minutes early so I went to the gas station for one last bathroom stop, by the time I got out of there Bailey and Michele were there, but no one was getting out of their cars, too cold.  Soon after lots of cars started pulling in.  Since I’m not an official member of the Cabot Cruisers I always feel kind of weird being in on their runs, kind of like a hijacker or whatever those people are called who run races without paying.  I kept waiting on Annette to get there, I wasn’t getting out until she got there.  She finally got there about 1 minute till 8.  Then there was a discussion about the route, which I didn’t really get since I’m not from Cabot and we were off, did I mention the wind and cold?  No, well it was cold and windy!

Of course we didn’t warm up before we started out and my shins were killing me, it seemed like they would never warm up.  Bailey and Annette were in front of me, I was really slow this morning and Susan P was behind me.  At our first turn on Mt Tabor Road, I think, I waited on Susan, I didn’t want her to be back there all by herself and Bailey and Annette had gained a lot of ground on me anyway.  So Susan and I ran together for about a mile, she was really nice, she just started running in March of 2007 and is training for the Little Rock Marathon.  We talked for a little more and then I ended up running ahead of her.

Around mile 3 I completely lost sight of the rest of the group, it was a hilly course and everyone was gone.  I wasn’t sure if they had turned off or what.  I turned around and ran back to where Susan was, I asked her how far she was planning on running, 5 miles, I told her I would like to get 6 or so.  Since I didn’t know the area Susan said we could turn on Dogwood go to Hwy 321 and that would take us back to the school or we could turn around.  I opted for Dogwood, I don’t like out and back routes. She also said she would prefer to stay with me because she didn’t want to run alone.  I’m glad I went back for her.

Susan said when she got to mile 5 she was going to walk, well we got to mile 5 on 321, and we were running in to the wind that was blowing about 20 mph.  OMG, it was miserable, it was about that point that my stomach started hurting, I needed a bathroom, I knew it was less than 2 miles away, but it was torture trying to get there.  It seems everytime I run in Cabot this happens.  I had to take a LOT of walk breaks even though I wanted to sprint to the bathroom.  I noticed that Susan wasn’t just walking, she was running some too, it was so cold!

Right before I got to the gas station I saw Michele and Annette on the other side of the Highway, they had come back for us, they had actually taken the same route, we were just so damned slow we never saw them.

I ended up with 6.6 slow miles for the first day of the year.  We loaded up in Annette’s new ride and headed to Mountain Mud for a hot cup of Vanilla Latte’.


3 Responses

  1. Happy new year!

  2. I’m really glad you came to Cabot for your first run of the year!!

  3. Cheryl,

    Glad you joined the Cruisers for your first run on the New Year. Please know that you can join the CCC group even if you can’t make all of the runs. We will be glad to have you ANYTIME!!


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