Running ahead

I was just thinking about next week, I originally was scheduled to go back to Boca Raton, FL on business next week, but that got changed to Yorktown Heights, NY.  Not really excited about it, mainly because I know my way around Boca.  I know where I can eat, shop, run or look at the ocean.  Yorktown Heights is about 1 hour north of NYC, and no I will not be taking a side trip, I will be flying into White Plains, NY, and then driving 30 minutes to Yorktown.  I don’t know anything about the area, I looked it up on Wikipedia, about 8000 folks, so small town, I think I found a running trail, but until I get there I have no idea if it’s lit or even open.  So, my running may suffer next week, unless I can force myself to get up and get on the dreadmill at the hotel, I hope they have at least one.  The biggest hotel is a Holiday Inn in Mt. Kisco about 20 miles away, and there weren’t any pictures of the fitness room online.

Sometimes in smaller hotels in smaller towns you get the worst treadmills or there is already someone on the only one they have.  The good news is the forecast, Highs in the low 50s and lows in the low 40s except for Thursday and Friday when the highs are 40s and lows are 30s/high 20s.  This is better than earlier in the week.  I still don’t want to go.  I’ve been stuffing my face all week, it’s been better today since I found out I don’t have to fly into JFK airport.  I’m a big chicken to drive in NYC.

I’ll be there all week, leaving early Monday coming back on Friday.  I’ll miss my running clinic, but will be back in time for our next long run with the Little Rock Marathon Training Group.  I’m still not sure of this thing they call the Marathon, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  My only goal so far for this new year is to finish the Little Rock Marathon, but I really do want other things, I just don’t know what they are yet.

Tonight is our Tuesday Night Flyer Clinic, yes it is Thursday, but with the holiday and all… I just checked the hour-by-hour forecast, at 6pm it will be 30 degrees, but it will feel like 24 and by the time we finish at 7pm it will be 28 degrees, but feel like 21.  Brrrrr.  Not feeling it.  I once again am asking myself, Why are you doing this?  It’s warm and toasty inside.


2 Responses

  1. Well that is good news about not flying into JFK!! Who knows maybe you fill end up some place very runner friendly!
    All I know is I will miss you!!

  2. I hate trying to train while on travel. And I hate the dreadmill more now than ever – but it is better than nothing. And I agree, sometimes you don’t get a very good treadmill at some of the smaller town hotels.

    Sounds like you would have been better off in Boca! Although we had some nippy weather last night – low temp of 27 deg F, wind chill in the teens. What state am I in again???? 🙂

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