Grouchy and Cold Running Clinic

If you’ve ever read my blog before you know I hate cold weather, you also know it only has to be below 50 for me to think it is cold. Well last night at our clinic it was well below 50, it was around 28 degrees, too cold for me and it made me grouchy. It also gave me a whopping headache.

I knew it was going to be cold, but I drug my ass out of the house in double layers and a toboggan instead of just a headband, thank goodness. I was grouchy before I even arrived at the clinic, just warming up my truck made me grouchy, cold winter weather crap, hate it, just hate it. I arrived early, don’t know how, traffic was a bitch as usual on 67/167, I noticed people out there warming up already, I had parked next to Annette’s new ride, so I thought, well, might as well go ahead and warm up, sooner I get it done the sooner I can get the hell out of here. But first I had to go pee, port-a-potty here I come, that made me colder, had to pull off my gloves and pull down my warm pants. Not what I intended, but nature was calling and I think my bladder is shrinking.

Okay, let’s get a new attitude, right. We were running on the track at the High School instead of our usual Magness Creek run, just a change of pace per Coach Dennis, but where was Coach Dennis? He is always here by 5:30 and it’s now about 5:50. A group of girls just passed me running, Annette included and asked if I wanted to warm up, “Yes, but I need to warm up before I warm up”, meaning of course I need to walk a least half the track before I can start running. Some of the group just start running, they never warm up, it’s too damn cold for that and I’m too damn old for that, my muscles can’t take it. I walked about about 1/3 of the track and then started running, my face was freezing, mostly my nose, but my head was warm. Thank goodness I had opted for the toboggan. Jennifer joined me when I got to the top of the track, but she needed to start out walking so I stopped running, she said she wasn’t sure if she would be able to run at all, her back was hurting. So we walked 1 lap around the track and all of sudden Dennis was there.

Coach Dennis had originally planned for us to go a little faster than our Lactate Threshold pace, but he said it was too cold, so for Intermediate it was 1 mile warm up, 4 x strides, 2 x 800, 2 x 1000, 4 x strides at Lactate pace. Annette and Kelly decided to do the Advanced workout 😦 Good for them, but I lost my running buddies, another reason to be grouchy. But, I did run with Jennifer and Shanna, our Lactate pace was supposed to be 10:25 or close. We started out a little slow, but I could tell Shanna wasn’t quite there, but she has improved 10 fold since she started the clinic. After our first 800 and into our first curve of our second 800 Jennifer stopped all of a sudden, she had hurt her knee, I told her to quit, go back and talk to Dennis. She had been complaining last week about her knee, I hope she takes care of it and is okay.

I finished my 800 and did 1 of the 1000’s with Shanna, it was her last 1000, don’t ask me how, and she had slowed down quite a bit, we were running about 10:42, I didn’t have to stay with her, but I felt I needed to motivate her, quit laughing, grouchy ass can motivate when she has too! She made it around without slowing her pace anymore. I did my last 1000 by myself and ended up with a total of 4 miles. My head was about to explode by the time we were finished, not sure if it was to cold or what, I couldn’t even talk when we were done, my jaw muscles were even stiff.

4 miles total – 42:29 373 calories Avg pace 10:35 Avg/Max Heart rate 152/171

  1. 10:57
  2. 10:44
  3. 10:41
  4. 9:49

My grouchiness did not end, I had to stop and get gas, that makes everyone grouchy. When I got home I could not get warm, I was shivering, I kept everything on except my gloves while I warmed up some roast and potatoes, that warmed me up a little, but still not warm enough. I took one of my pain pills (I thought) and as I was getting ready to take a shower I kept thinking why is this pill making me feel so drugged? I went back and looked and I had taken one of White Bread’s Lortabs, oops. Oh well, maybe my headache will go away. My pain pills are not strong at all, Fioricet, and I hardly know when I take them, so this was a big difference. I finally got in the shower and got warm. No running today, even though it will be the warmest day this week, in the 50’s, a heat wave!


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