Bad Friday into Saturday Run

Friday night was horrible, I got a call from my boss at 8pm, she wanted to know what time I would be in New York on Monday, 1:30pm.  Hmm, is there anyway I could go on Sunday?  You’ve got to be kidding me, it’s Friday night at 8pm, I have a long run on Saturday morning and then it’s off to Conway for an all day Defensive Driving Course at 9am.  I still have to wash clothes, and do all the things necessary for a trip that was supposed to be Monday through Friday.  She proceeds to tell me the sob story about the bigwigs wanting a “presence” from Operations at the branch and since Sheila, the original person on the project, is in the hospital, I’m it.

OMG, what do I say, I tell her it’s going to be expensive, expense doesn’t matter.  I tell her I have no idea what flights are available on Sunday from Little Rock, she says check, of course I can’t lie cause she can also look them up.  But, she agrees, I don’t need to leave at some ungodly early hour.  Since I am already booked on Delta I check and they have all sorts of flights, just my luck.  I give her only a couple of options, I can be there around 4:30 or 9:00pm, I would rather do the later flight and then I can be there first thing Monday morning.  So, she says let me call the bigwigs and see what they say.

Well, of course they want me on the earlier flight.  Why? so I can go into the office when I arrive, lucky me.  I know nothing!!! Nothing I tell you, this was not my project, I’ll be like a fish out of water and my boss knows it!   She says “LS (EVP) says she owes you one”, that really didn’t go over well, since I was shunned and didn’t get an invite to the Christmas party.  I didn’t say anything, but I should have said, “Maybe next year my Christmas Party invite won’t get lost”.  I was the only person in our department not invited to Boca for the Annual Party, but now they need me to do some BS for them.  Not happy.

Now I have to get in touch with our corporate travel girl and have her change my arrangements.  I call and email her the flight I want and I do tell her – Expense doesn’t matter.  Then I have to start washing clothes, I need to get to bed early so I can go on my long run in the morning, this sucks so bad!  Georgie is not feeling good, he had his last booster shots at the vet today.  Glenn is gone out with the boys to a car show, and he will really flip when he finds out I have to leave on Sunday.  Perfect Friday night.

I did get in bed close to 10pm and fell asleep, Glenn came in around 10:45 and woke me up, he was a little drunk.  Told him the whole saga, not happy, but not too pissed, thank goodness he was drunk.  Then I couldn’t go back to sleep, I don’t know how long I laid there I didn’t want to look at the clock, I think maybe midnight?  Not sure.  I woke up around 4 and my alarm was set for 4:45.  I had cats piled all around me and I couldn’t move, so I just laid there again, but this time with a pounding headache.  Oh great.

Once the alarm went off I almost turned it off and called Annette and Kim to cancel, but I knew if I didn’t get this 10 mile run in today I would regret it.  Got up and dressed, fed the kitties, George seems to be feeling better.  Got some extra clothes together to change into for the driving course and then just stood in the kitchen with my head pounding.  I decided to take a pain pill, mine this time, Advil was not going to cut it.  Then went out to start my vehicle, WHOA, it was a lot warmer than I expected.  My outside thermometer said 53, I shed some layers and realized I needed to get a move on.

Today’s run was taking place on the River Trail, at the very beginning of the River Trail behind Alltel Arena and to the east a bit.  I got there first, Annette was not far behind.  I spotted her new ride and started walking over and out pops Kim, Michele and Kelly, I didn’t know the whole crew was coming, but the more the merrier!  It was a lot cooler down by the river, but I still thought I was dressed just right.  Kelly and Annette went back to get their gloves, I didn’t.

Right at 6am we were off, it was Kelly, Michele and Annette in front and me and Kim bringing up the rear.  The first port-a-potty was about 1/4 mile into the run and 3 of us had to go.  That took a few minutes because of the line.  We were off again.  Before long the three girls in front were way out in front of us, we didn’t see them again until the turnaround at mile 5.  The pace was a little fast for me, I got winded early and knew if I didn’t slow down I would pay for it later and did.  I felt winded the whole way back.

Another problem was the wind was at our backs most of the 5 miles out and we had to fight the wind on the way back.  On the way back at the skate park Annette had stopped to make a pit stop and Kim and I ran past Kelly and Michele who were waiting on her.  I had to get back by 8:15 to make it to Conway.  Kim said her knee was bothering her some, but we kept going, we only had about 3 miles to go.

There is a long stretch of the trail that is on an actual road, we were on the road and Kim said something about her knee really hurting, I asked if she wanted to walk, she said not yet.  Once we got back to the trail we only had about 1.25 miles to go, we ran the quarter mile when Kim said she couldn’t run, her knee was killing her.  She has never had knee pain before, but she couldn’t run.  We walked the last mile in, we didn’t want her to damage something since we had no idea what it could be.  Probably just her getting back to running outside since she has only been doing treadmill.   She better take it easy!!

9.00 miles    Avg pace 11:19

  1. 10:28
  2. 11:14
  3. 11:52
  4. 10:18
  5. 11:37
  6. 11:08
  7. 11:16
  8. 11:20
  9. 12:39

Once we got back I had to leave right away to make it to Conway by 9, joy, joy.  Defensive Driving Course, at least it’s only one day.  It was not bad at all, I learned a lot and it was pretty interesting.  I’m glad it’s done and I now have to get my ass busy washing clothes and packing for my trip tomorrow.

I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to run or post, but I’ll try and update at least every couple of days.


2 Responses

  1. Cheryl I hope you have a safe trip to NY… I hope everything turns out better than expected.

  2. I’m so glad I don’t have to deal with bosses and stuff like that anymore. Not that I ever got to travel with work, but still all that demanding stuff doesn’t sit well with me.

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