Hating being in this place

Do I really have to be here?  I’m hating every second.  I arrived in the Westchester County Airport on Sunday around 5:30 pm, and the time has been creeping by.  I won’t bore you with all the horrid details.  Here is a small recap:

Sunday worked until 9pm in Yorktown Heights, pissed because none of the people who summoned me here were at the office, par for the course.  Staying in Mt Kisco about 20 minutes away from the office, very hilly and winding roads here.  Like being in the Ozark Mountains.

Monday I was going to get up a run on the dreadmill, but I couldn’t force myself to do it.  I took running clothes to work with me thinking I could get in a late lunch, the temperature was supposed to be upper 50s.  Work was horrible. Horrible.  I am the  step child, I don’t know the system, well, hello, this was not my project, everyone knew this.  Its like – what’s she doing her, what are you supposed to be doing.  It sucks.  I decided to go on a 4 mile run at 4pm, it starts getting dark here around 5pm.  One of the girls told me where I could run a loop around town.  Another disaster, I made 1 loop, it was 1 mile, but I almost lost my life twice and the sidewalk, when there was one was too uneven to run on.  Gave it up.  Once everyone saw me in my running clothes then they started telling me about the track, oh now you tell me.

Worked Monday night until 8:30pm, picked up a salad at Applebee’s for dinner and stayed up way too late, probably the huge Diet Pepsi I had with my salad. 

Got up Tuesday morning at 6am and headed to the smaller than hotel room size fitness room.  I mean tiny, there were two treadmills, a bike and a stair stepper.  You could barely walk between each one.  I started running and then bam, had to go to the bathroom for the second time.  Back to the dreadmill.  Uh oh, another new pain, what the hell???  This is like a groin muscle or something, feels like I pulled something.  I’m running anyway.  Shins are killing me too.  All I can do is 3 miles at about a 10:40 pace.  I was done.  Just hated being in that room looking at a wall. 

Off to work again, I did find a Starbuck’s, best part of the day.  I left at 7;30 tonight, yeah, maybe 6:30 tomorrow night if I’m lucky.  The office has not become any nicer to me and I’m not sure if I’m coming back next week or not.  I have made myself very useful doing data entry, but it is pure torture being here.  There are 3 girls here from our Chicago office and they have been nice, but not nice enough to invite me to dinner with them tonight.

My groin muscle or whatever, is really hurting me, maybe it will feel better tomorrow, I’m going to take my clothes to work tomorrow and go run on the track late in the day.  Screw ’em.


3 Responses

  1. Aw, Cheryl, I just hate that you’re having such a miserable time!!! You’re gonna have to tell them you can’t come back next week (or forver!!). Good thing you found Starbucks though, that’ll always put a smile on your face 🙂 See ya when you get back.

  2. Hey Cheryl, I am with Kim on the Starbucks thing. At least you found one sooner than we did when in Tulsa. Sorry your trip is yuk. We miss you here in the good ole south and will see you when you get back.

  3. Poor Cheryl! I hope it improves soon – the work AND the muscle.

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